July Birthstone Story

It's passionate, deep and bold. It's the July birthstone. With its captivating red color, the ruby birthstone stands out. This prestigious gemstone is also desirable because of its hardness, durability, luster and rarity.

What is the Birthstone for July?

The ruby gemstone is the birthstone of July. July birthstones are also a touching gift to celebrate both the 15th and 40thwedding anniversaries. The ruby gemstone is actually a red sapphire since ruby and sapphire are identical in all their fundamental properties except color. The July birthstone color gets its red hue from chromium. The most renowned rubies hail from places like Myanmar, the Himalayas and northern Vietnam.

But you don't have to travel so far to wear a ruby. At Zales, you'll find the ruby birthstone in a variety of impressive hues that range from bright red to dark reddish-brown. The most desirable ruby color is a radiant, rich and deep red with a hint of blue, called "pigeon's blood."

If ruby and sapphire are the same, then why is the ruby its own birthstone? Well, the ruby birthstone is in its own class because of its incredible appeal and impressive historical significance. A large ruby can fetch higher prices than equally sized diamonds!

The value of the July birthstone is recognized all over the world, from Europe to India and everywhere in between. The word "ruby" comes from the Latin word "ruber" which means "red".

In the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, the ruby birthstone is called "ratnaraj". meaning the "king of precious stones." It and many other ancient cultures viewed the July birthstone as the most luxurious of all the stones. In the same region, ancient Hindus believed that they would be reborn as an emperor if they offered a ruby to Krishna.

Ruby Birthstone Meaning

The Bible mentions the July birthstone four times in connection with beauty and wisdom. Medieval Europeans believed that ruby birthstones brought good health, wisdom and a prosperous love life. Today, you can still honor these ancient beliefs with stunning ruby birthstone jewelry adorned with this precious gemstone.

According to legend, July birthstone owners will have a life of peace, many riches and good health. Ruby birthstones continue to be one of the most sought-after gemstones for royalty, posh icons and upper-class style.

What's more, folklore and customary beliefs associate July birthstones with the most intense emotions like love and passion. Some call the ruby birthstone the stone of love, and its rich color connects it to power and desire.

Finally, July's birthstone is said to foster energy, emotional strength, focus, a positive attitude and self-reliance.

July Birthstone Care

The sparkling July birthstone is a tough gem. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the ruby is comparable to diamond and moissanite, the hardest minerals on earth. The toughness of the ruby birthstone means it easily stands up to everyday wear. However, like any gemstone, a ruby birthstone could chip due to blunt impact. sure to remove your ruby jewelry before doing certain types of work or manual labor.

To keep your July birthstone shiny and beautiful, follow these guidelines:

  • Apply lotions, perfumes and sprays before putting on your jewelry.
  • Clean rubies with mild liquid soap and warm water.
  • Use a toothbrush to gently clean your July birthstone.
  • Avoid storing rubies in a container with other gemstones (July birthstones may scratch more delicate stones).

Shop July Birthstones

Whether your birthday is in July or you just love the color red, having a piece of ruby jewelry will only enhance your many beautiful attributes. July birthstone jewelry is trendy, distinctive and expressive.

Enjoy the July birthstone in stunning rings, ruby birthstone necklaces, ruby bracelets and more for a beautiful jewelry piece to add to your wardrobe.

The ruby also looks beautiful in a Zales heart or July birthstone cross necklace. Consider a beautiful ruby birthstone statement ring, necklace or simple July birthstone earrings.

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