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SHOP THIS LOOK She's the type of woman who literally lights up a room. She's your personal cheerleader and her vibrant personality should be reflected in your choice of engagement ring. Choose a dazzling multi-stone design, like a style from our Endless Brilliance Collection. She can complete her wedding day look with a bold composite diamond pendant and dazzling drop earrings - because more diamonds means more sparkle - and that suits her just fine! LOOK
SHOP THIS LOOK Nothing says “I'm engaged” quite like a classic diamond solitaire. It's simple, sophisticated and always timeless. However, today's classic brides are taking the traditional solitaire a bit further by choosing an oval, emerald or other fancy-shaped diamond set atop a diamond-lined shank. She can complete her classic look on her wedding day be choosing a timeless tennis necklace and bracelet and a pair of traditional diamond stud earrings - perfect for adding elegant sparkle to her overall bridal look! LOOK
SHOP THIS LOOK She loves love, romance and style. A vintage romantic engagement ring is the perfect choice for her. Designed to reflect the beauty of times past, vintage-inspired bridal looks feature sparkling halos, intricate scrollwork and even engraved detailing. Take the heirloom inspiration a bit further on your wedding day with a wide diamond bracelet and a diamond locket, perfect for holding photos of missing loved ones close to your heart. Don't forget to include something blue! LOOK
SHOP THIS LOOK She's a bit of a non-conformist and you love her for that. So shouldn't her engagement ring be a little edgy as well? Bold black diamonds are a great choice for her. Dark, mysterious and so chic, a black diamond engagement ring brings magic and whimsy to this significant occasion. On her wedding day, she can complete her ensemble with a slender black diamond wedding band and a pair of black diamond studs or trendy hoops. She's cool and unique and can totally rock it! LOOK

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