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The Elements of a Diamond

Know the Details of Diamond Anatomy

When a raw diamond is cut and polished, its unique beauty is revealed. It takes on its own proportions, angles, and characteristics, which can be described with a specific set of terms. Learn these terms, and you’ll be prepared when it’s time to shop for yours.


The smooth, flat surface cuts of a diamond are called facets. Most diamonds have 58 facets. Certain specialty cut diamonds have more facets, generally leading to more sparkle.


The top horizontal facet of a diamond, also its largest facet.


The upper portion of the diamond, measured from the top edge of the girdle up to the table.


The middle portion of a diamond or the intersection of the crown and pavilion. The girdle thickness defines the perimeter of the diamond and functions as the setting edge.


The bottom portion of a diamond that extends from the girdle down to the culet.


The small facet at the tip of a gemstone—not all diamond cuts have a culet.


The height of a gemstone as measured from the bottom of the culet to the top of the table.

Knowledge is Power

Now that you know your terms, let’s shop!

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