Three Practical Things You Should Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

The romance and sparkle of an engagement can blind you from a few important factors that should be top of mind when purchasing a ring. Make sure you consider these three things when ring shopping.


Style is important, but lifestyle is equally crucial to picking the right ring. Consider her daily routine and her job. Will her ring get in the way or be at risk? By contrast, does her lifestyle and profession demand that she standout or look refined? A larger, flashier diamond may work for the latter but not for the former. Perhaps she is athletic or has a hobby in which she uses her hands. You'll want the stone to be protected if she does. Talk to your jeweler about settings and metals that will best accommodate her lifestyle and taste.


It may be one of the last things on your mind while you're shopping, but it is one of the most important. A good fit is essential to the perfect engagement ring, so you need to be aware of a few things about sizing. Depending on the style of the ring, traditional metals (gold, silver, platinum) can generally be resized, while alternative metals cannot be.

In the event a ring can't be altered, there are mechanisms jewelers can put in a ring band or shank to provide a better fit. To avoid any sizing snags altogether, do your best to get an accurate read on her ring size. Get help from a friend or family member, or take a tracing of a ring she wears often and bring it to your jeweler. For the very best fit however, ask her what her size is!


Nobody wants to think about it, but everyone should have it. An insurance policy will protect your investment against damage and loss, giving you peace of mind. Some jewelers offer policies and plans for rings, as do some home insurers. You can also look into companies that insure jewelry exclusively.

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