Yes, You Can Buy Engagement Rings Online

If you've been wanting to buy an engagement ring you might be wondering about buying it online. We're here to tell you that yes, you can buy engagement rings online. All you need is a little advice.

Below we're going to go over the best ways to find a diamond ring online.

First, do your research.

Window shopping online is great. In fact, it can help you see what engagement rings are out there. But before you press the "add to cart" button, there are a few things you should know. The first has to do with finding the right diamond.

The Four Cs of Buying Engagement Rings

Cut, carat, color, clarity are the Four Cs you should research. We believe there is a fifth C also, Care. Each of these aspects is important no matter what diamond you buy. Be sure to review the four Cs before you spend five figures.

Diamond Grading

The second thing you should research is a diamond grading laboratory. A reputable diamond lab will be able to verify the diamond's size and everything else the diamond seller claims. To find a diamond grading lab in your area, simply do a quick online search.

Ring Type

The second thing you should research is a diamond grading laboratory. A reputable diamond lab will be able to verify the diamond's size and everything else the diamond seller claims. To find a diamond grading lab in your area, simply do a quick online search.

The third thing you'll need to research is the type of ring you want. You could get a complete ring or a loose diamond and ring (also called a semi-mount) to get something more custom. You could even get a ring with three stones or a ring with one sparkling center stone.

Whatever you choose, your online retailer should have the tools to help narrow down the ring you want.

Read the Fine Print

The fourth thing you'll need to research is the fine print. What parts of the ring can you change? Are you able to return the ring if your fiance is not happy? It's always important to know these things so you're not stuck with an unwanted ring.

We recommend having the ring shipped to the online seller's brick-and-mortar store if they have one. That way, you can inspect the ring up close before committing to ownership.

Graduate Gemologist

Finally, take your diamond or finished ring to a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) jewelry appraiser. Make sure the gemologist is a G.G. This means they've graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and can appropriately appraise your diamond ring. This will make it easier to insure the diamond ring should you decide to do so later on.

Engagement Ring Metals

Now that you've properly researched your diamond and online seller, let's talk about ring metals. It's important to know the pros and cons of the two most popular metal choices for engagement rings. We will go over these differences in the next sections.

Platinum vs. Gold

There are pluses and minuses to each metal type. One major plus of platinum is that it's a scratch-resistant heavy metal. But this bright white metal comes at a hefty price. Platinum is more expensive than gold. It's also not indestructible, so don't assume it doesn't need proper care. Any ring you buy will need care regardless of its metal makeup.

In comparison, gold is less expensive and comes in a range of colors. There's classic yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Some rings have one gold color while others have two or more. Some engagement rings have all three for a lovely gradient effect.

If you're concerned about ring price, choosing gold might be for you. As an example, 10K gold is the hardest gold and the least expensive. The more gold in a ring, the softer the metal and more costly the ring. Most rings will be 14K-18K gold. While a gold ring can be 24K (meaning solid gold), this pure gold is too soft for jewelry.

Ring Sizing

If you're buying a complete bridal set (a diamond set in an engagement ring), be sure to get your fiancé(e)'s ring size. You can ask your partner, bring them to any jeweler for their correct size or go online to find a do-it-yourself ring sizer.

Don't worry if the ring is not the right size at purchase. Most metal rings, depending on style, can be resized to fit your fiancé(e).

Buying (and Paying) Online

You've found the diamond, you've selected the ring and even put it in your online shopping cart. Are you ready to click the BUY button?

Before you get excited, there are a few things to make sure of.

Does the website address start with “https://”? The "s" before the slashes means the website has a layer of security which will protect your private data such as your name and credit card information.

Does the website have a green padlock icon at the start of the web address? This icon indicates that you are securely connected to the website and decreases the risk of your information being stolen during the transaction.

There are other security measures on reputable websites, but these two are the most important. If you see the padlock icon and the “https://”, you can be comfortable making your online purchase. Then you can relax and wait for the exciting moment when the ring arrives.

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