Colored Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Colored diamonds may be special — but is it right for an engagement ring? Below, we'll go over diamond colors to help you determine if they're a great fit for an engagement ring.

Colored Diamonds Are on the Rise

As you may have noticed, celebrities and trend-setters have begun to favor colored diamonds making them a hot new trend. It's a big change because traditionally, diamonds have been valued for lack of color. In fact, "colorless" diamonds still – and probably always will – gain the highest grades by some gem labs. It's why diamond color is still a part of the four Cs of diamond buying.

But many colorful diamonds are very valuable such as the 45-ct. blue Hope Diamond and a 24-ct. fancy intense pink diamond ring. It set the record for the most money paid for a jewel at auction (more than $46 million) in 2010.

What Colored Diamonds Are Out There?

Diamonds come in a wide range of beautiful colors for every taste and style:

Some of these (red, blue and green) are very rare and costly. In fact, unlike "colorless diamonds", there are nine saturation levels. Deeper colors often fetch higher prices.

Choosing a Colored Diamond for an Engagement Ring

Given their growing value and popularity, there's every reason to consider a colored diamond for your engagement ring. Reasons they might be right for you are:

Your fiancée likes to be a trend-setter
Fashion-forward colors like cognac or Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® in rose gold might thrill your partner. The deep color can stand for the depth of your emotional connection or the simple fact that you like the stone.

She loves romance and glamour
If your partner is fascinated by sophistication and elegance, a colorful diamond can bring real glamour into their life. Anyone can have a clear diamond. But your fiancé(e) will have a vibrant, colorful diamond.

They are drawn to a particular color.
An engagement ring with a diamond that reflects their favorite color could be a major win. It will remind your partner every day how much you treasure their presence in your life.

Color has meaning for you two.
Many believe that red symbolizes true love, blue reflects peace and yellow signifies selflessness. Why not opt for a ring that communicates what's important to you both?

How to Acquire a Colored Diamond Affordably

You don't have to shop at a big auction house to find a colorful diamond. Shopping for color-enhanced diamonds offers a more affordable option. These are natural diamonds that have been treated in order to change their color.

High-pressure, high-temperature treatment (HPHT) turns some yellowish diamonds into more vivid colors. Other methods that enhance or create color are irradiation and heat treatments. Keep in mind that there can be a price variance between naturally colorful diamonds and enhanced colorful diamonds.

Any treatments or enhancements made to diamonds should be disclosed prior to purchase. When shopping online, look for the term "enhanced" to reflect that a diamond has been treated to permanently alter its color.

Find Your Colored Diamond Today

You can find a selection of colored diamond engagement rings online at Or visit your local Zales retail store and talk with a knowledgeable jewelry consultant. They will be able to show you their selection of colored diamond options and help find the perfect engagement ring for her.