Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring?

It's a moment you will remember for a lifetime. The love of your life gets down on one knee and asks for your hand in marriage. Then he shows you the ring. Don't like the engagement ring? Unhappy with the engagement ring choice? Don't panic. Picking the right engagement ring is a lot of pressure and sometimes mistakes happen. Remember, this can be a sensitive topic for both the giver and the receiver. So, think carefully about how to handle this. Here's some advice about what to do if your partner missed the mark on the ring.

You Don't Like The Engagement Ring

Before taking action on the fact that you don't like the engagement ring, wear it for a few days. After you see what it feels like on your hand, you may change your mind about disliking it. Maybe there is a very special reason your partner chose that particular ring. Once you learn more about the ring choice you may like it in a new way. Still, don't like it? Now it's time to have the talk.

Honesty is at the foundation of every good relationship. Talking about the engagement ring is a good place to start. You should feel comfortable speaking with your partner about such an important symbol – especially since you'll be wearing it for your entire life. Just be sure to do it carefully and tactfully. When bringing up the engagement ring fail, show your partner respect and appreciation while expressing your feelings.

Reference our engagement ring buying guide to help narrow down other options you may want to consider. This will help you look at ring styles and options so you come to the problem with a solution.

If the ring is an heirloom or family ring, carefully consider how you will tell your partner you are not happy. This might be a ring that belonged to their grandmother, mom, or another family member. You could nicely explain the ring is not your taste and work together to find something that would better suit your taste.

Your Partner Doesn't Like The Engagement Ring

On the other hand, it doesn't feel good to learn the receiving partner doesn't like the engagement ring. It can be difficult to grapple with their disappointment, be sensitive and understanding. We understand you probably planned this for months, thinking about the type of ring you would use to pop the question.

Now, you find out they don't like it. You have to remember, many women dream about their engagement ring for a long time. Some people have pictured the ring in their minds and set their hearts on a certain style or element.

Talk honestly about this. What would be their perfect ring? Consider looking at rings together and get on the same page about what will make them happy while staying within your budget. Remember, your partner will wear this for the rest of their life, so it is important that they really like it!

Dislike Engagement Ring? Change The Setting!

Maybe they love the stone, but does not like the setting. Your jeweler may be able to replace the ring and put the diamond in a different setting. Maybe you can keep the setting and put another stone in its place, so they can wear the ring on another finger. You can work with a jeweler to create a beautiful ring using the same stone.

New Engagement Ring Memory

Look on the bright side: if you have to pick out a new ring, you will always have a good story to tell. After you get a new ring picked out, consider trying to recreate memories with that ring. After all, this may be a new symbol of working together to reach a common goal. This is something you will do a great deal of once you get married! Think of this as a practice round of being patient and kind when you disagree about something.

Return Engagement Ring

You may have the option to return the engagement ring. There are a few general things you should know about returns and exchanges for engagement rings.

    When you buy the ring:
  • Ask an associate about the return and exchange policy, so you'll be prepared if something should happen.
  • Keep your receipts and any other important papers.
  • When you're looking to return or exchange:
  • A custom design may not be able to be returned or exchanged.
  • The ring must not have incurred any damage.
  • Check the time frame for returning the ring. Sometimes there is a window of opportunity where you can exchange or return your ring.
At Zales, we want you and your partner to be completely happy with your engagement ring purchase. If you or your fiancé are unhappy with your engagement ring, you can return it based on our current Return and Exchange Policy.

We encourage you to browse our extensive selection of engagement rings online at to ensure you find the ring of her dreams. You can also shop at your local Zales store with one of our expert jewelry consultants.

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