Carat Size for Engagement Rings

It may seem like the most important of all the 5C's, but is it really?

No – Size is not the only factor in finding a great diamond

People assume carat weight is the size of a diamond, and to some degree, they are correct. But the reality is, the appearance of a diamonds size can easily be amplified when the other 5C's are on point and it is set in a flattering way. Take cut for instance. Well-cut diamonds enhance the way light passes through the gem, making them appear bigger and brighter. Alternatively, a halo setting will make a smaller diamond look much larger and offer additional sparkle to the overall look. Work with your jeweler to understand "the C's" in order to select the ideal diamond for you.

Contrary to popular belief, not every woman is looking for a huge diamond. That much flash just might not be her style. On the other hand, a lot of bling could be exactly what she's dreaming of.

Consider these questions about a bride-to-be:
  • Is her job high-profile with a lot of visibility? The size of her diamond might be important to her image, especially if she's in sales.
  • Does she primarily work with her hands? A bigger diamond might be at risk of damage in her everyday life.
  • Does she work in environments where she might put herself at risk by displaying a larger diamond?
  • Does she not care for a lot of attention and fuss? A large ring might draw a crowd and unwanted fanfare.

Honestly, if you're not sure about what size diamond she would like, ASK her! She's probably got not only a size in mind, but a style too. And since this is one of the largest investments you'll make, it's best to get it right the first time.

Learn more about Diamond Cuts and the other Cs in our 5Cs of Diamonds page.

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