Finding an Engagement Ring that Works for Her Lifestyle

An engagement ring should not only reflect her personal style and beauty, it should also be able to keep up with her job and lifestyle.

On the Job

From dirty work to office work, every job demands different things from us. Think about her work activities and a design that will accommodate her day to day.

Image oriented
In a workplace that values success and sophistication, she may want to project a successful image. This might mean an engagement ring designed to be noticed, like a large solitaire or halo ring.

Examples include those in:
  • Corporate environments
  • Sales
  • Leadership positions
Gets her hands dirty

Any job where her hands are going to get messy, her ring will as well. The ideal ring for her is something without too many divots and small crevices. The smoother the overall surface, the less debris she will be frequently cleaning out. Regular ring cleanings may be a good idea for a woman in this type of work.

Examples include:
  • Chef
  • Gardener
  • Cleaner
  • Artist
  • Hair stylist
Protects and serves

When she's on the job, she may find herself in harm's way or in situations where her ring cold be vulnerable. A more demure ring might be appropriate for her if she wants to keep distraction and attention to a minimum. Another option might be that she only wears her wedding band to work. Keeping her engagement ring at home would eliminate potential risks.

Examples include:
  • Police officers
  • EMTs
  • Security guards
  • Social workers
Interacts with and cares for others

Shaking hands, touching patients and wrangling children are all activities that present concerns that a ring could catch and scratch others. Avoid sharp, angular stones and edges in favor of rounder shapes and deeper settings, such as a bezel setting.

Examples include:
  • Teachers
  • Nurses and doctors
  • Those in childcare
  • Physical therapists and trainers

Off the Clock

Similar to some of the same advice you'll find above, note some of these considerations for certain activities.

Keep in mind her and her teammates safety as well as the safety of the ring itself. Avoid designs that are vulnerable to catching. Choose a metal that will resist scratching that could occur during play, like platinum.

The idea of losing your ring is traumatic, let alone in a foreign country. Make sure your engagement ring is insured for loss. Additionally, a subtler ring that does not attract attention might be best for those who travel to large cities or anywhere even remotely risky.

Intricate hand work or anything messy
Similar to those who get their hands dirty at work, you'll want to consider a ring that can hang tough and can be easily cleaned. Be aware that intricate designs with sharp edges and texture may tangle and snag on materials she may be working with.

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