Upgrade Engagement Ring: Budget Now, Upgrade Later

You plan to give her a diamond upgrade in the future, so how do you choose the right one for right now? You know you want to spend the rest of your lives together, and that is what matters. But you may not have the budget just yet for the ring you want.

Why not buy a simple engagement ring now and plan on upgrading your engagement ring later? This option is not only reasonable - it opens up big possibilities for the future!

Showing Your Commitment is The Important Thing

Think of your first engagement ring as you would a "starter home." You can build wonderful memories there as you begin your life together. Later, you can move onto a new home that suits your next chapter in life. Upgrading your engagement ring works similarly!

For example, your future ring could use the original ring's metal melted down, or its gems as side stones. You might add an anniversary band to create a bigger diamond look later. You might even find that your partner loves the original ring so much that they wouldn't dream of changing it at all!

Spend Your Money Wisely Right Now

Consider these thoughts as you make your decisions about today's ring:
  • Prioritize your goals with the right jeweler. Look for a consultant, not a salesperson - someone who will spend time helping you select what's right for you and your budget.
  • Look at smaller stones. An exceptional smaller stone can dazzle more than a larger one if it offers the best of the 4Cs. Ask about that as you look at diamond cuts.
  • Go for color. If your fiancèe-to-be loves following (or setting) trends, you might do well with a diamond in black, brown, blue, green or yellow. Consider a gemstone that could be less expensive than a diamond such as a ruby, emerald, sapphire or tanzanite.
  • Multiply your options. Whatever main diamond you choose, you can surround it with other stones. Another option is a halo ring or narrow band set with pavé diamonds. These can be very sparkly, glamorous and less expensive.
  • Think about a promise ring. Sometimes, shopping for a promise ring will lead you to a simple diamond ring that will fit your purpose. A promise ring can be a simple diamond solitaire or several diamonds together on a small band. Promise rings come in all shapes and sizes.
Upgrading your engagement ring and deciding what to do with the ring next can be a fun adventure for you and your partner. Now you can choose a ring together! It can be a diamond ring that best symbolizes your relationship now.

Good Times to Upgrade Your Ring

Of course, there is no wrong time to upgrade your ring. Consider making a ring change for a special occasion. Some great ideas for upgrading your ring include:
  • A big anniversary such as 10, 20 or 25 years
  • A milestone birthday for you or your spouse
  • A special occasion like the birth of a child
  • Big life event like your kids moving out of the home
  • Wedding vow renewal ceremony
  • Just an ordinary day - that may really catch your partner by surprise
Choosing to upgrade your ring is a big decision and one that will last a long time. Your relationship is special and it has grown over time.

Ways To do a Ring Upgrade

Once you have decided to upgrade your ring, start thinking about what you would want.

Add Diamonds: If your engagement ring is a solitaire single diamond, consider adding more diamonds to the ring. Adding diamonds affords your ring even more radiant sparkle. You might choose smaller diamonds on either side of the main stone, too. Three stone rings are very popular. This keeps the focus on the main diamond and accents its brilliance!

Add Color: Add extra stones to your diamond ring. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies come in beautiful, vivid colors. You can have them added to your current diamond ring to represent new parts of your life such as adding birthstones for your child's birthday.

Change the Band: Another way to upgrade your engagement ring is to change the band. You can trade in your plain white gold band for a yellow gold band. Another option would be to add a band that is lined with diamonds. Extra diamonds on the band enhance the main stone’s brilliance.

Add a Halo: The halo style ring is a ring that has a ring of diamonds around the main center diamond. The halo style of the ring is stylish and very popular. You can even add a second halo to your ring if your ring already has one.

Upgrade to a New Stone: One obvious choice for upgrading your diamond ring is the upgrade diamond in engagement ring route. You can choose a larger stone or just a different stone cut or style. Zales Jewelers has an excellent diamond trade-up program. Talk to your Jewelry Consultant about this program when considering an upgrade.

Reuse Your Stone(s): Using the original stone in a different way lends more history to your engagement ring diamond upgrade. You can have the diamond placed in a necklace setting, as well.

Get a New Ring: If you would rather keep your original ring, consider just upgrading to a new ring. Sometimes you just don't want to add anything to the ring, and may just want a new ring instead. Zales has a unique "Create Your Own" ring experience that helps people create the perfect ring for them.

Your New Ring

Remember, you don't need a big ring to be happy together. And beautiful rings come in every size, shape, color, and material. So, set your budget, make a list of things you’d like (or your partner would like) in a ring and start looking! Zales offers diamond engagement rings for every budget.

Our jewelry experts can also help you come up with ideas on how to reinvent your current ring. Stop by a store near you for a one on one consultation with one of our diamond experts.