Choosing Between a Solitaire or Another Style of Engagement Ring

Halo, solitaire, three-diamond settings and more. There are a variety of engagement ring styles out there but only one will be the best fit for your future bride.

As you enter into a jewelry store, you'll generally notice that the engagement ring section has been separated into two categories:
  • Diamond solitaire rings
  • Other engagement rings

Typically, when people imagine an engagement ring, they imagine a solitaire. It's a simple yet beautiful way to display a solo diamond and it's a classic design that has represented engagement for years.

Today, there are engagement rings for every style and every budget. From colorful gemstones to multiple diamonds to micro-pavé halo rings, or three-stone settings that put the glitz on full display, brides are sure to find the ring that represents her personality.

Wondering which direction you should take? Here are a few pointers:

If She Wants More Wow-Factor

If you don't think a simple solitaire is the right choice, consider a ring that features a collection of many stones. This style may give your true love more of the glitter and dazzle that she's been hoping for and she'll get to express herself through a more exclusive design.

A few things to think about
  • If size matters to your future bride, you can achieve a bigger look by going for a pave halo, diamond composite (multiple stones set together to resemble one larger stone) or three-diamond setting.
  • If you're trying to stay within a specific price range, these options can give you more sparkle at a lower price point.
  • If your fiancée-to-be favors colorful gemstones, they can easily be incorporated into a multiple stone design.
  • If she wants something with a luxurious or vintage appeal, multiple stones give you more design versatility.

If she wants all the attention on the stone:

Looking for a ring that'll make the diamond the center of attention? Solitaire engagement rings are your answer. Solitaire diamond rings create a chic, stunning look that's definitely shouts bridal. The diamond can be set upon an ornate band or it can stand alone. Either way, it'll be the star of the show.

A few things to think about
  • Solitaires are great if you're not 100% confident in your bride's style. They're easily upgraded with fancier bands or additional diamonds.
  • Since solitaire bands put the diamond front and center, you'll probably want to put more focus on the quality of the stone itself.
  • If your future wife has mentioned a diamond wedding band, a solitaire will keep her rings nicely balanced.
  • Solitaire designs are perfect for guys that want to emphasize their admirable diamond purchase. You invested in this, why not show it off?
  • A solitaire engagement ring will enhance her timeless sense of style.

If She'd Rather Keep it Subtle:

An engagement ring should represent your girlfriend's personality, and that may mean going for a subtler style. One way to achieve this look is by using an eternity or anniversary band as an engagement ring. These rings are typically made up of smaller diamonds or gemstones that surround the band in 360 sparkle.

A few things to think about
  • This could be a great fit for a bride-to-be that's less traditional.
  • If she wants something more understated to better fir her lifestyle, an eternal or anniversary band may do the trick.

The best thing about engagement rings of any style is that there's always room to evolve. Adding diamonds and gemstones or upgrading the band are easy ways to elevate her ring. And investing in ring additions for anniversaries and birthdays will offer you with countless opportunities to surprise and delight the love of your life.

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