Five Ways To Steer Him Toward Your Dream Engagement

The commitment is there. Now for the proposal - and the ring to go with it.

Help Him Succeed with His Proposal

If he's planning a surprise - and that's true for about half of engaged couples - here's some groundwork you can do to help it all work out beautifully.

  1. Lean on social media
    Start by creating a dream engagement ring board on Pinterest. You can also add signature cocktails, reception decorations, engagement party ideas and honeymoon getaways. "Like" your favorite jeweler on Facebook, as well as Instagram shots of your girlfriends' wedding ideas.
  2. Leave digital breadcrumbs
    Sending him a compatibility quiz is always fun. Or try a quiz that helps him determine his girlfriend's jewelry style (that's you!) Make it a bit of a game, and you'll also help his big plans work out for you.
  3. Start window shopping with him
    When you're out together, steer him into a jewelry store, just to help him feel more comfortable there. You certainly don't need to look at engagement rings. Instead, show him metals and styles you like in earrings or bracelets. Let him know that you prefer diamonds or perhaps colorful gemstones. See if you can get him comfortable with a salesperson; he might want to return to them later.
  4. Turn to some newly-married "experts"
    We're talking about good friends who have recently gotten married. Visit and ask questions; they'll be glad to share their experiences, from honeymoon travel to choosing their venue. Later with your guy, you can comment on their rings, another way you can let him know what you like.
  5. Plan a romantic little trip
    Especially if it's a meaningful place - somewhere you both love, or have always wanted to visit - it may give him the perfect time and place to propose.

Stay cool, calm and collected and don't pressure him. Remember, once you've both decided to get married, you can always shop for the ring together later!

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