Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas from Zales

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year — and what a great day to get engaged to the love of your life! If you are planning a Valentine’s Day proposal this year, start planning ahead now.

With a stunning engagement ring and the right Valentine’s Day proposal, you can make sure it’s one for the books.

Here are five romantic ideas to sweep your lover off of her feet. With these Valentine’s Day proposal ideas, you can create a unique proposal that she won't forget.

Valentine’s Day Proposal #1: A Romantic Countdown

Spread all the love you hold in your heart over the course of fourteen magical days that lead up to your Valentine’s day proposal.

Beginning on February 1st, set your plan in motion by giving her a series of small gifts. The gifts can be as simple as a pair of cute red socks or gloves, or a heart-themed mug filled with her favorite beverage.

Each gift should be a declaration of your love for her. Each day, give her one small but thoughtful gift. On Valentine’s Day, plan a special dinner at home or make a reservation at your favorite restaurant.

After you dine, give her the most meaningful gift yet — your Valentine’s Day proposal! Not sure which diamond your partner might fancy? Learn more about different diamond cuts like a marquise-cut diamond fit for royalty or a classic round-cut diamond.

Valentine’s Day Proposal #2: Make It Super Sweet

Roses and chocolates are a traditional and classic Valentine’s Day gift. Elevate your traditional gift by replacing one of the chocolates in the box with a diamond engagement ring for her to find.

Or, further your classic Valentine’s Day proposal idea by hiring a chocolatier. A professional chocolatier can create a custom box of chocolates with the engagement ring as the centerpiece of the delicious treat. Imagine the surprise — plus, everyone loves chocolate!

Valentine’s Day Proposal #3: 24 Hours of Love

Another twist on a countdown proposal idea, this Valentine’s Day proposal takes place over a single 24-hour period.

Plan this day with how you want it to end in mind, then work your way backward. Exactly twenty-four hours before you plan to propose, call, text or send her a sweet note welcoming her to your “24 Hours of Love”.

Then, every hour, send a sweet and simple email, text, or message reminding her of your unending feelings for her.

At the final hour, plan to surprise her in person. Surprise her with a custom diamond engagement ring on a bent knee. These are sure to be 24 hours that she will remember forever!  

Valentine’s Day Proposal #4: The Scavenger Hunt

If your lover is adventurous, take her on a ride down memory lane with a fun Valentine’s Day proposal scavenger hunt.

Create individual clues that lead her to the places where you've created memories together. These locations can include the place where you had your first date, your first kiss, your first dance, and so on.

End the scavenger with one final clue where she will find you on bended knee with the grand prize – her engagement ring!

Valentine’s Day Proposal #5: Heart to Heart to Heart

If you already share a home, this Valentine’s Day proposal idea can be a fun way to take the next step together.

First, gather up some Valentine’s conversation heart candies. Lay the candies end to end, creating a path that starts at the front door and ends at the spot of your proposal.

When she walks in the door, be prepared at the end of the candy “walkway” on one knee with her engagement ring ready. She will always remember this sweet and simple Valentine’s Day proposal.

Your Valentine’s Day Proposal with Zales

The trick to a great Valentine’s Day proposal is to prepare! Whether your proposal idea includes a big spectacular event or a small and intimate moment between you, a well-thought-out Valentine’s Day proposal plan is sure to lead to a resounding “yes”.

Before you plan your proposal, the first step is to think about the ring.

Search through thousands of unique promise rings and engagement rings online at At, you can choose from designer styles including Vera Wang Love and more.

Or, find a beautiful ring that suits your partner in person by visiting your local Zales retail store. Our knowledgeable jewelry consultants are available to speak with you and talk through your Valentine’s Day proposal ideas.

No matter which way you choose to shop, Zales will help you find the ideal ring for your Valentine’s Day proposal.

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