Promise Ring Meaning

A promise ring is not an engagement ring, but it is a declaration of commitment just the same. The promise ring meaning is unique to the person wearing it. Most often, a promise ring is meant to express some sort of commitment. The most common symbolic reason for a promise ring is to show love and devotion. Most commonly, a promise ring is given to symbolize an exclusive relationship. A couple may not be ready for marriage, but they do want to devote themselves to each other. The meaning of a promise ring is gaining in popularity for couples who want to show their devotion. Engagement may be planned for the future, but there are no immediate plans for that big step. In this instance, a promise ring signifies devoted love and the intention to stay together.

Which Finger Does a Promise Ring Go On?

Traditionally, a promise ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand if you are not married. Some people choose to move the promise ring to the right hand once they are married. But, how you wear a promise ring is a personal choice. If your ring is a symbol of a romantic relationship, you could wear it on your ring finger in place of a wedding ring. You could wear it on a different finger to distinguish that you have not reached that milestone.

As for other commitments, it's up to you and what you're comfortable with. No matter what, wear your promise ring proudly and with love. Sometimes, people wear their promise ring on a beautiful necklace chain.

Promise Rings not Just for Women

Promise rings are not exclusively for women. Many times, both partners will wear a promise ring. It's common for men to wear promise rings or even for a couple to find a matching promise ring set. Men can wear a simple band to share their promise. There is also no hard and fast rule about where a man should wear his promise ring.

Other Meanings for Promise Rings

While promise rings are most often exchanged between couples, it is not uncommon for them to stand for other commitments. Sometimes promise rings are called commitment rings or pre-engagement rings. Parents may give their children a promise ring as a testament to their bond.

Close friends may share them as a way to celebrate their friendship. Consider matching “best friend” rings to remember the special commitment you have with the people who are closest to you.

Sometimes faith is an important aspect of promise rings as well. This can range from expressing a commitment to one's religion to a pledge of abstinence. Often, this type of promise ring is given to someone during a ceremony or special event. Additionally, some find strength in using a promise ring to commit to breaking a bad habit. Having a promise ring on your hand can be a constant reminder of the promise you made to yourself.

As you can see, you can personalize the look of your promise ring to align with your own meaning. Promise rings are more popular now because of the attention of celebrities. Hollywood stars like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and each of the Jonas Brothers have all worn promise rings.

History of Promise Ring

The idea of a promise ring originated thousands of years ago. Some believe the promise ring tradition began in biblical days. In those times, couples were betrothed rather than engaged. When a couple became betrothed, there was often a legally binding ceremony and rings were often exchanged.

The couple promised to stay together and eventually get married, although maybe not for years to come. As part of the ceremony, the man would give his partner a ring to show his commitment to her.

In ancient times, Roman brides wore promise rings as a symbol of a promise to marry. During the 2nd-century, law stated men and women must wait a certain amount of time before they could get married.

In England, promise rings were also called posy rings. The posy ring often had an engraving of a romantic poem and would represent devotion and love. After posy rings, the acrostic ring became popular during the Victorian era.

Acrostic rings would often spell out words such as “love" and "heart" and would serve as a symbol of devotion between two people. These rings would also include gemstones.

Promise Ring Designs

Promise rings are purposely distinct from engagement rings by design. You won't see a large center diamond in a promise ring, but you will notice more delicate styles and gemstone designs. Promise rings can take a variety of forms to honor the commitment being expressed.

The Claddagh ring is a popular style for promise rings, as are simple bands featuring birthstones or engraving. Also, consider a unique and special personalized promise ring from Zales.

Metals for promise rings are often different. Engagement rings or wedding bands may feature 18K gold, 14K gold or platinum. Promise rings are usually 10K gold or sterling silver which are more affordable options. You can find a good selection of stylish and meaningful promise rings starting at under $100.

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