Best Engagement Ring for My Finger

Just like your one-of-a-kind smile and sense of style, your fingers are unique, too. And that's why it's important to consider how their shape and size might work with specific engagement ring styles.

Choosing an engagement ring for your finger is similar to shopping for clothes. The incredible outfit that you saw in the window of your favorite store might look great on the mannequin but might not work for you. Rings are no different.

But, don't worry. Just like we all possess our own coveted pair of figure-flattering jeans, there is a style of ring out there for every finger.

Our helpful guide will give a bit of direction on how to choose the very best ring for your hand and ring finger. (You might want to check our Engagement Ring Buying Guide, too!)

Searching for pointers to give your future fiancé? Or just browsing for fun? You are on your way to finding the best engagement ring style for you.

The perfect ring style combines the following:

  • Ring shape
  • Style
  • Finger length
  • Finger width

The size and shape of the center stone along with the shape of the band play a significant role in ring buying. And, don't forget to factor in your typical nail length. If you normally keep them extra-long, your fingers will appear longer, too, so you may want to factor them into the equation.

The other things you wish for in an engagement ring should be factored in, too, such as personal flair, lifestyle and desired stone shape. To help you decipher it all, we've created this easy-to-follow guide:

The Best Fit For Your Finger

Finger Length

Engagement rings for long fingers: You're in luck! Most styles will work for you. A few suggestions include: :
  • An especially flattering princess or round cut stone
  • A wider band to help balance out the length
  • A bold statement-making style, if that's up your alley
Engagement rings for small fingers: If you have shorter fingers, you'll want a ring that helps elongate their appearance. We suggest:
  • A narrow-width band that won't hide too much of your finger
  • Emerald and rectangular stones, as long as they aren't too big
  • Pear, marquise, or oval – their oblong shape will lengthen your finger

Finger Width

Engagement rings for skinny fingers: Overpowering your hand is the biggest concern when shopping for slender, skinny fingers. We'd propose:
  • A thicker band that will broaden the look of your finger
  • Choosing a more delicate stone will also help widen your finger's appearance
Engagement rings for chubby fingers: Women with larger hands and wider fingers have more of an opportunity to wear bigger, bolder statement designs. Consider the following:
  • Medium to thick bands that will hide some of your finger's width
  • A horizontally set diamond in an oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald shape
  • Halo or cluster styles to create a pleasing balance
  • Angular and asymmetrical designs that'll de-emphasize the width of your finger

Hands & Knuckles

Engagement rings for small fingers: If you have petite hands, keep your ring small, as well. Dainty stones in a princess, round, oval or heart shape will look exceptionally lovely

Engagement ring for big hands: Larger hands leave more room for creativity, so don't be afraid to look at bold, chunky styles that make a statement.

Avoiding your knuckles: If you don't like your knuckles, look at heavier, thick bands. This will help keep all eyes on the ring and not on your fingers.

Engagement Ring Decision

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, often going with your gut reaction is best. If the engagement ring you're eyeing looks good on your finger and feels like the right choice for you, chances are it probably is.

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