Style it: How to Accessorize for an Evening Out

Making going out even more special with jewelry.

Whether you're headed to a simple date night or planning a big evening out on the town, jewelry is the finishing touch that takes any outfit from simple to spectacular.

Jewelry Takes You from Day to Night

Special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, date night, or girl's night out are the perfect time to break out the sparkle and bling. Pull out the statement pieces that are too big and sparkly to wear to the office. This is the time to put on the more expensive pieces that you save for special occasions.

If you're super busy and always on the go, you can't always change clothes between work and going out. Adding sparkle to your work ensemble with bigger, bolder jewelry can easily transition your look from day to evening.

Take off the subtle dainty studs and add more noticeable jewelry like chandelier earrings or a wide cuff bracelet. These simple changes can alter the look of your work outfit, making it more appropriate for going out.

Other ways to go from day to night include adding sparkly hair clips, chunky necklaces, dangling earrings, bejeweled pins or big cocktail rings. Special occasions call for bigger stones, bolder colors, and shinier metals.

Sometimes Less is More

Coco Chanel famously said: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off." That's good advice when it comes to jewelry.

You can overdo it. Wearing a lot of jewelry at once can be overwhelming, both visually and physically.

What's a lot? While this varies a bit from person to person, there are a few guidelines out there, like one piece per body area, or three pieces overall.

This is more important when you are wearing bigger, brighter, and flashier statement jewelry.

If fact, if you're wearing a huge statement piece, you may wish to stop there and let that piece stand out. You'll notice that many Oscar outfits are accessorized with only one or two pieces of jewelry.

Men – We're Talking to YOU Too!

These suggestions apply to men too! The trend is for men to wear a little more jewelry overall, beyond wedding bands and statement watches. A special occasion is especially appropriate time for men to amp it up with jewelry.

If you're wearing a suit, now is the time to break out the special engraved cuff links and a nice gold tie bar along with your best watch.

You could also add a ring, like your class ring or signet ring. And these days, men's jewelry often includes necklaces and an earring (or two).

Many people look forward to getting dressed up for a special night out just so they can wear their most gorgeous jewelry and look like a celebrity.

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