Diamonds Are A Great Fashion Choice

Think beyond the engagement ring and start building a diamond jewelry wardrobe that makes a style statement.

Diamonds make great gifts for others – and yourself.

Certainly, diamonds are the classic signifier for engagements, weddings and anniversaries. But that's no reason to remove them as an option for "anytime" purchases. Diamonds can - and should be - part of any fine jewelry wardrobe.

Make a statement with colored diamonds.

Designers have created countless mounting choices for diamonds in platinum, silver and all colors of gold. But you can also take advantage of diamonds in colors, too. For example:
  • A ring, necklace or bracelet that mixes black and white diamonds goes with everything and stays in style forever
  • Yellow diamonds mixed with white are at once on-trend and classic
  • A mix of brown and white pavé diamonds in a rose gold setting, or brown and champagne together
  • Color-enhanced diamonds in yellow, green, blue or pink.

Try unusual settings from heirloom to modern

What's your style? Why not mix and match?
  • Chic new designs take influences from Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco
  • Your favorite jewelry designers may offer both wedding and fashion lines, so check them out
  • Runways, style bloggers and magazines are rich with beautiful new ideas!

Discover so many pieces to love.

Whoever it's intended for, there's a perfect diamond piece out there.
  • Classic diamonds - Hoops, studs, tennis bracelets and diamond-accented cuffs are always winners
  • Contemporary diamonds - So many choices, including modern bezel and tension-set styles.
  • The non-engagement ring - Sport a completely different style, for example: if your engagement ring is modern, let an Art Deco style set it off beautifully.

And remember, you can always find diamonds grouped for maximum sparkle, making a true statement piece. So use your imagination and style sense - and enjoy wearing diamonds anytime.

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