Best Earrings for an Oval Face

Women with oval faces are lucky indeed. An oval face pairs well with nearly every type of earring, but there are some styles that will especially enhance your natural beauty.

Long and Dangling

Longer, dangling earrings in general are a home run for an oval face. A long earring cascading down beside the face complements the natural elongation of an oval very well.


The perfect combination of length and shape to suit and oval. As previously mentioned, length is ideal for an oval, but when combined with a teardrop shape, you have pure perfection. The shape of a teardrop mimics the shape of your face which results in a rather flattering look.


A classic look for classic beauty. There is a timeless look to pearl earrings that an oval face can pull off particularly well. Wear your hair up to showcase your pearls, but remember to avoid using hairspray near them.

Looks to Avoid

Those with oval-shaped faces are lucky enough to look great in most any style. Wear what makes you happy and you'll always look your best.

You'll find hundreds of fabulous earring styles that are perfect for the oval-shaped face online at or at your local Zales store.

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