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Ideas for Making Jewelry Personal

Of course, jewelry is beautiful, but how about adding a personal touch? Get inspired with ideas to personalize your special pieces.


Adding an engraved inscription to your jewelry is one of the most distinct ways to add meaning. Engravings can work for nearly any type of jewelry but they have the most impact on rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Consider these ideas for engravings:
  • A favorite quote
  • A special date
  • A song lyric
  • Initials, personal or a loved one
  • A significant symbol
  • An affirmation


Charms tell a story like no other piece of jewelry. Express your personal passion, your work, your love for your family, your special someone, or virtually anything meaningful in your life with a gorgeous charm. Beyond the traditional charm bracelet, charms can be featured on necklaces as pendants. Earrings too can feature charm-like designs in studs or dangling styles.


A go-to choice for a touch of sparkle with special significance, birthstone jewelry comes in all forms; rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Make a birthstone gem the focal point of your piece of jewelry, or add stones as an accent to the overall design. Those who are about to pop-the-question may even choose to include birthstone embellishments in engagement rings.

New Life For an Heirloom

Consider a custom designed piece of jewelry inspired by an heirloom. While your family keepsake may hold special meaning, it may not quite be your style. Let the tradition live on by writing a new chapter with a piece made from an heirloom or inspired by its design.

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