Style It: Jewelry to Wear on a Job Interview

Make sure you shine on your big interview with these tips for looking professional.

Less is more

The focus should be on you during a job interview. Your jewelry should never compete or distract from you. With that in mind, the rule is to always keep it simple and choose pieces that subtly enhance your look.


What works: Studs in any hue of gold, silver or pearls. Small delicate hoops also work.
What to avoid: Anything flashy, like chandelier earrings, dangling earrings and large gems. If you would wear it to a cocktail party, reconsider your choice.


What works: Simple rings, nothing to elaborate or ornate. A Claddagh ring or an infinity ring is fine. A few stacked rings are a stylish touch.
What to avoid: Bold cocktail or statement rings.


What works: Pearls or a delicate chain with or without a pendant.
What to avoid: Though trendy, this is not the time to layer your necklaces.


What works: You can't go wrong with a beautiful watch or a simple diamond tennis bracelet.
What to avoid: Multiple bangles. The sound of jingling may distract the person you're speaking with.

Personal Touches

Again, simple and professional is what you're going for, but there are a few personal pieces you can feel confident wearing. Your engagement ring and wedding band are completely acceptable to wear to an interview if you choose. College, sorority or fraternity rings are also fine, and may even help you make a connection with those you're meeting with. They can be a great icebreaker or conversation starter.

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