Pretty in Pink: The Rise of Rose Gold

When it comes to the colors of gold, yellow and white may be the standards, but rose is hot on their heels.

A Trend Again

Noticing a lot of rosy tones in the jewelry case? Rose gold is seeing a new demand in engagement rings and jewelry in general. But this isn't the first time! From 19th century Russian aristocracy to the glittering Gatsby-loving 1920s, rose gold has seen resurgence after resurgence. In fact, rose gold has seen so many swells in popularity, some consider it to be a classic alongside it's siblings, yellow and white gold.

The Pink Color

Many wonder how this gold gets its color. Similar to other golds and precious metals, it begins with pure gold that is then mixed with other alloys. In the case of rose gold, the special alloy ingredient is copper, which helps to achieve the warm color that can range from orange to red.

Stands Out and Plays Well With Others

Rose gold is beautiful on its own or when paired with other hues of gold. Stackable bangles and rings as well as layered necklaces are a particularly lovely way to mix in rose gold with other tones. In the engagement ring arena, rose gold is a favorite among celebrities who want a sweet and modern ring that stands out just far enough from the pack. Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, and Julianne Hough all proudly sport rose gold engagement rings.

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