Wear the Trend: Stacking Bracelets

It could be argued that this “trend” has actually been around for quite some time. From bohemians to glamour girls, stacking bracelets and bangles is look many want to achieve. Here's what you need to know about the basics.

Getting Started

Try the trend on for size by stacking two to four bracelets at first. Depending on your personal style, the bangles can all match (or have a similar style), or you can mix it up with different metals, gems and textures. Consider a variety of widths too – a mix of thin bracelets and a thicker cuff can create an effortlessly cool look.

Stick With a Set

Often, bracelets are designed with stacking in mind. Explore collections that are made to be worn in layers and stacks. You'll have the freedom to choose pieces that feel individual to you with the assurance that they'll all be cohesive and stylish.

One Too Many

Don't over-do it with too many bracelets. Your jewelry should feel manageable, not like it's weighing you down. This is a balance you'll have to use your judgment on, but keep your comfort and the noise level in mind. If you've got bangles that are jingling and jangling to the point of distraction, it might be time to lose a few.

Style Plus Substance

Pairing a few bracelets with a watch creates a stack that's perfect for work or play. Whether your watch is a demure and feminine style or a bold menswear design, layering with bracelets takes your basic look to another stylish level.

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