What Style Is Right for Me? Choose Your Bracelets

With just two wrists but so many options, you may be confused. No worries: we're here to help.

Express Your Style

Bracelets are kind of magic. They dress you up, dazzle onlookers, and say so much more about your style. They come in chains, bangles, charms, leather, cord, gemstones, cuffs, cultured pearls... the style options are practically endless!

Which raises questions. What are the rules for mixing, stacking, and wearing the right bracelet at the right time? With the current trend being layering and stacking, we say collect a wide range and you'll always be covered.

Start With Your Day-to-Day

The right office-jewelry style depends on your office:
  • Conservative - Keep bracelets to a minimum, like a single bangle or thin chain, or possibly a diamond tennis bracelet.
  • More casual -Try a simple cuff in a precious metal, or add some charms or pearls to a chain.

And keep in mind your daily activities. You don't want a big bulky bracelet to to whack your keyboard all day long, or find your bracelet getting in the way in a medical setting.

Bring on Bracelets for the Weekend

Here's where your flair can fly.
  • Create a stack – Vary weights and shapes. You can let the same metal offer unity or vary the color for a more dramatic look. Chains can mix nicely, too.
  • Go for charm – Adding in s stylish charm bracelet opens up great memories.
  • Dramatize your date style – Mix it up with styles, metals, gemstones, leather wraps. Add shine to the dance floor with diamonds, gemstones and faceted metals. At dinners out, try a diamond tennis bracelet with jeans, or charm bracelets up your arm.

Glam it up for Special Occasions

It's time to make your statement. Now's the time for:
  • A chunky cuff with gemstones
  • A stack of tennis bracelets
  • A string of pearls wrapped around and around
  • Antique filigree, Victorian or burnished metals to contrast against silk, velvet and satin.

You can never have too many beautiful bracelets. So consider this your call to arms!

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