Non-Diamond Gemstone Engagement Rings

Your Perfect Engagement with Your Perfect Gemstone

It’s the personal touches that make your engagement special — they make that day your day. You deserve an engagement ring that truly embodies your love story.

Is your love a diamond? Or is it a timeless sapphire, a radiant topaz, an elegant emerald, a magical opal, or a serene amethyst? Non-diamond gemstone engagement rings make your special day unique to you. Find your dream gemstone wedding ring and explore colors, cuts, and settings for “the one” that’s just your style.


Sapphires are one of the most popular choices for unique gemstone engagement rings because of their durability and gorgeous color. The sapphire is an unfading beauty with hardness that is second only to the diamond. This gemstone is a favorite among royals like the late Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge. Sapphires are known for their deep blue color, but lab-created white sapphires are a great option if you’re after a traditional engagement ring look. Pear-cut rings and oval-cut rings complement this classic gemstone. The timeless sapphire is a lovely choice for your fairytale wedding.

Ring Sapphire


Topaz is a symbol of understanding that shines with striking clarity. Topaz, in particular blue topaz, has enjoyed growing popularity. Its light shades — like sky blue and Swiss blue — complement a variety of wedding styles, and the gemstone itself is quite durable. Round-cut rings showcase the beauty of topaz. The radiant topaz’s versatile style is both traditional and romantic for your perfect "I do".

Ring Aquamarine


Emerald is a symbol of unity that enraptures with its iconic green hue. Emeralds are actually rarer than diamonds, making them a true natural treasure. They are suited to antique styles, being one of earth’s oldest gemstones, but their green color is very contemporary in white gold settings. This beautiful gemstone is suited to emerald-cut rings, round-cut rings and cushion-cut rings . The elegant emerald bridges old and new for a unique gemstone engagement ring.

Ring Emerald


Unleash your true colors with the gemstone opal and captivate with its natural rainbow iridescence. Opal engagement rings suite those with a creative vision. Its unique beauty is enhanced when set in colorful metals like rose gold. The opal’s natural iridescence appears best in round-shape rings and oval-shape rings because its shifting color appears best on curved surfaces. In fact, opals are not faceted like harder gemstones, they are shaped through a process called cabochon. Cabochon opals are polished so the front projects out as a curved dome and the back of the gem sits flat. The high arch accentuates opal’s natural range of color and the continuous dome is easier to treat for scratches and damage. The prismatic opal is great for whimsical and colorful wedding styles and is a unique choice for a colored engagement ring.

Ring Opal


Amethyst is the romantic gemstone of passion. Amethyst has a lot of connections to love — it is February’s birthstone and was rumored to be worn by St. Valentine. This eye-catching gemstone’s color ranges from light lilacs and violets that read delicate and floral, to intense purples that complement bolder stylings. This gemstone is suited to princess-cut rings and cushion-cut rings because the bold lines contrast amethyst’s soft color. The serene amethyst is perfect for simple and bold styles on your wedding day.

Ring Amethyst

Comparison Chart:

Sapphire Topaz Opal Emerald Amethyst
Color Whites, pale to deep blues Sky blue, London blue, and Swiss blue White, black, fire, boulder with multicolor veins Pale green, bluish green Pale violet, deep purple
Wedding Anniversary 5th and 45th anniversary 4th anniversary 14th anniversary 20th and 35th anniversary 6th anniversary
Mohs Hardness 9 8 5 to 6.5 7.5 to 8 7
Wearability Excellent Very Good Poor Good Very Good
Special Care Clean with soapy water and store in soft pouch; safe for most cleaning methods Clean with soapy water and store in soft pouch; avoid steam and ultrasonic cleaners Clean with soapy water and store in soft pouch; avoid high heat, ammonia and bleach, steam and ultrasonic cleaners Clean with soapy water and store in soft pouch; avoid steam and ultrasonic cleaners Clean with soapy water and store in soft pouch; avoid steam cleaners
Gemstone Options Natural and lab-created Natural and lab-created Natural and lab-created Natural and lab-created Natural and lab-created

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Your ring is part of your own love story. Express your personal style with colored gemstone engagement rings that dazzle just as much as you. Explore gemstone engagement rings styles including sapphire, topaz, emerald, opal, and amethyst. It’s your special day choose a ring that’s uniquely yours at Zales.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire is a classic beauty and is the gemstone of nobility. Treasure your love story with a brilliant sapphire engagement ring.

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Topaz Engagement RingsTopaz Engagement Rings

Topaz sparkles as the gemstone of creativity and self-expression. Express every shade of yourself with the perfect topaz engagement ring.

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Emerald Engagement RingsEmerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds exude life as the gemstone of growth and unity. Illustrate your new life together with a vibrant emerald engagement ring.

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Opal Engagement RingsOpal Engagement Rings

Opals captivate as the gemstone of originality and true love. Enchant with the rainbow iridescence of an opal engagement ring.

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Amethyst Engagement RingsAmethyst Engagement Rings

Amethyst brings romance as the gemstone of passion. Celebrate your love with a radiant purple amethyst engagement ring.

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