Someone Special Turning 21? Choose the Perfect Gift.

Flatter her style – and help start a fine jewelry or watch collection

Help Her Celebrate Her Milestone 21st Birthday With a Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Whether her style is whimsical, subdued or classic, there's jewelry out there perfect for the occasion. Some ideas to consider:

Special birthstone piece – Understated stud earrings, a ring, or a solitaire stone necklace will each be treasured for years to come.

Pendant necklace – If she's traditional, try a small diamond or other gemstone in a simple setting. If she's fashion-forward, she may love a unique setting and a vibrantly-hued gemstone.

Diamond solitaire earrings – You can never go wrong with these! Treasured forever as a classic, diamond studs brighten virtually any outfit, from business-casual to dressy to workout gear.

Gemstone ring – With so many choices, from uncomplicated and elegant to bright and non-traditional; you're sure to find exactly the right style and price point.

So Many Ways to Mark the Occasion

With the right attention to personal style, any of these could be a winner, too:

Bracelets – Depending on her style, choose a stack of bangles, a stand-alone statement piece, or a classic diamond tennis bracelet. Each will help her feel polished and put-together.

Pearl necklace – There are many options to choose from, including a classic single or double strand, to a single pearl on a chain or a pearl-drop pendant. And remember: pearls come in colors, too.

Watches – No matter how she (or he) tells time these days, watches remain a style treasure. With leather or metal bands and a vast variety of faces, pick one that's designed to last.

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