All About Anniversary Bands

Many couples choose to celebrate a special anniversary with the gift of an anniversary band. Make her heart melt all over again with this symbol of love and devotion.

What is an Anniversary Band?

Simply put, an anniversary band is ring that is given to your spouse on a special anniversary of your choosing. It can be your first anniversary or your 50th – there is no specific milestone that correlates.

How to Wear an Anniversary Band

These rings can be worn in a variety of ways:
  • As a third ring added to your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger
  • As a replacement to your wedding band
  • On the opposite hand of your wedding rings or on a different finger

Selecting an Anniversary Band That Complements Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an anniversary band, the most important being style and fit.

There are so many styles of anniversary bands, it's important to find out which complements her current jewelry. Traditional bands feature a row of diamonds that completely encircle the band, while others boast only a half-row of diamonds for a more comfortable fit. Contemporary anniversary bands replace simple white diamonds with enhanced black, blue or other colored diamonds for added drama.

Find the anniversary ring of her dreams online at Or, visit your local Zales retail store and speak with an experienced jewelry advisor. They will be more than happy to find an anniversary band that complements her current bridal diamonds.

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