Get Anniversary Jewelry You'll Love

Help him find the right piece for you.

Sometimes a Subtle Hint is Enough

It doesn't matter what anniversary it is: if he's out of ideas, most husbands appreciate knowing exactly what you'd like – as long as you're considerate of his time and budget. Here are a few tips to make sure he's in the know.
  • Show him jewelry designs you like online or in an open magazine.
  • Point out a friend who is wearing a piece of jewelry you admire.
  • Use social media like Instagram or Pinterest to reflect your taste or share Facebook pages from your favorite jewelers, designers and shops. Share whatever social media he's sure to see.
  • Show him an anniversary guide that offers the appropriate jewelry type to celebrate each year.

Sometimes Subtlety Doesn't Work

Many husbands need a direct request in order to get it right. If your husband is one of those, don't be shy! But keep his budget in mind, of course.
  • Send him an email with links to your favorite pieces or stores.
  • Take him to the store and point out the beauty and value of pieces you love.
  • Engage his practical side with facts he might appreciate, ex.: "Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold."

Remember to be sure to convey your appreciation when you receive an anniversary gift of jewelry. After all, he'll be happy if you're happy. Added bonus: He may be more likely to make jewelry gifts an anniversary tradition.

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