Celebrate Any Birthday with a Perfect Gift of Jewelry

Think birthstones and beyond – there are options to please anyone on their big day

Choose From a Wide Variety of Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry has always been a timeless and treasured choice. All types of jewelry, from rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, are great choices when celebrating a birthday.

Birthstone earrings and fashion necklaces are always popular, while birthstone bracelets and stackable rings are growing in popularity.

You can also consider a custom jewelry approach. After all, birthstones do carry special meaning. So your one-of-a-kind custom gift, from a carefully chosen stone to just the right metal and design, can mean a great deal to the recipient.

Or Move Beyond Birthstones

There are so many ways to make a personal statement. Ask your jeweler for advice, and also consider these ideas:

  • Hearts A pendant necklace, from straightforward to stylized, fashioned in one of the precious metals, is always welcome.
  • A secret surprise How about inserting a small diamond or colored gemstone flush with the inside of a ring? This can be a sweet secret kept between you and the wearer!
  • Engraving Think of a special word that has meaning to the recipient, like "thoughtful" or "strong". You can also choose to have a word, name or initials engraved on the inside or underside of a pendant, ring or pin.
  • Custom design Your jeweler can help you choose from many styles and gemstones so that your gift is just for the recipient.
  • A perfect pair Consider a couple's ring, which showcases both of your birthstones or favorite gemstones, and may even be engraved with your names or initials.
  • So charmed A charm bracelet or necklace is a great gift that keeps on giving because you can add charms or beads for years, each with a special meaning.
  • Sophisticated ABCs Preteens and teens love necklaces and earrings that spell out their names or initials. But the right design makes these styles great for more seasoned wearers too!
  • Something for everyone If she's a mom, think about rings that include every member of the family by birthstone. This plays a twist on the simple birthstone ring that may be highly appreciated.

Whether birthstone or personalized in another way, your gift is a meaningful, much-appreciated way to celebrate her birthday.

Zales: The Birthstone Store

At Zales, we know diamonds and we know gemstones and birthstones too! You can discover more about birthstones by looking through our Birthstone Guide, and learning about how they came about, what they mean, and how important they are to the wearer.

From January's regal red garnet to December's cool blue topaz, Zales is your source for fine birthstone jewelry. Shop online at Zales.com or visit your local Zales retail store and talk with an experienced jewelry consultant.

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