Celebrating Relationship Milestones with Jewelry

Big anniversaries or even a proposal may not be on your horizon, but you still want to celebrate the special relationship you have. Show her how happy she makes you with these gifts that honor your relationship.

New Beginnings

You're official, but the relationship is still new and finding it's rhythm. There is no reason to wait for a birthday or even the exact three- or six-month mark to give her a gift that expresses how you feel. Keep in mind, this is not yet the time to go bold. Be sensitive to your growing relationship by choosing something sweet and thoughtful. A great idea would be simple stud earrings in a traditional metal, like gold, or maybe rose gold if she prefers something a little unique. Another option could be a delicate bracelet or necklace with her initial on a charm or pendant.

Going Steady

You've passed the half year mark or more, and you're starting to feel like you know each other intimately. This is the time to get personal. Show her how well you've come to know her with a piece of jewelry that reflects her unique style and details. Keep your ears open for clues. Is she rocking the stackable bracelet and ring trend? Does she offhandedly remark that she likes a certain style? Does she compliment others wearing a certain trend? Your answer may be fairly easy to figure out. If you're still unsure, birthstone jewelry is both personal and a well-loved gift - just make sure you pick the right stone for her birth month!

Falling in Love

That loving feeling is coming on and you're finding yourself deliriously happy and starry-eyed. There is no greater symbol of love than a diamond – and no, we're not suggesting an engagement ring just yet. Diamond stud earrings are the perfect gift to show her how much you appreciate her spirit and her beauty. A solitaire diamond on a necklace is also a great choice.

If you do feel strongly about making a commitment to her, but not the proposal kind, a promise ring might fit the bill. Similar to those other kind of special rings, promise ring options are endless and are all crafted to be distinct from an engagement ring. A promise ring is meant to express devotion and commitment. It may be the perfect option for your status right now, or to pave the way to an engagement in the future.

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