Colors of Love

When you think of love, what colors come to mind? On Valentine’s Day, we tend to see a lot of red, pink and purple in products and advertising – and for good reason! These are traditionally recognized as the Colors of Love. Ranging from pale pink to deep, passionate red, colorful gemstone jewelry is the perfect way to symbolize the depth of your love.

The Meanings of the Colors


Pink gemstones range from pale and soft, like morganite and rose quartz, to bright and vibrant like pink sapphire or tourmaline. Wearing a pink gemstone is said to draw love to the wearer, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your new love by giving a gift of pink gemstones – like a pink sapphire necklace or a pair of morganite earrings.


Rare in nature, the color purple is thought to have a sacred meaning. It is a graceful, elegant color that represents beauty and femininity. It’s also considered to be a “grown up” pink hue. Ranging from rosy-violet to lavender to deepest aubergine, purple gemstones are symbolic of a lasting, regal love. Purple gemstones, such as Fary's amethyst birthstone, hve long held association with Valentine's Day. Legend has it that Saint Valentine sported an amethyst ring carved with an image of Cupid. When townspeople noticed it, they would ask Saint Valentine to perform their weddings. Today, jewelry highlighting the rich tones in violet-blue tanzanite, violet-red rhodolite and violet-purple alexandrite - as well as the bright purple of amethyst and soft purple of Rose de France amethyst - make ready gifts that symbolize your sincerity and affection.


Bold and bright, red is associated with love, romance, heat and desire. Red gemstones can be fiery and intense, like the ruby, deep and mysterious like the garnet, lively and ever-changing like the rhodolite or rare and exotic like the scarce red diamond. Bold red gemstones are the very essence of Valentine's Day. Believed to symbolize the most passionate love, the gift of jewelry with red gemstones is the perfect way to make your intentions known. This Valentine’s Day, express your deepest love for her with a ruby and diamond fashion ring or a pair of garnet earrings. You will find a great selection of Valentine’s Day jewelry featuring pink, purple and red gemstones at your local Zales Jeweler or online at You’ll find these bright, colorful and meaningful gemstones set in stunning earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets in a variety of styles and motifs. Beautifully coordinated boxed jewelry sets are available as well and are always a welcome choice. Shop our Colors of Love Collection to find the piece that speaks to your heart – we’re sure it will speak to hers too! Remember - when what you give comes from your heart, whatever you choose is certain to be a brilliant celebration of your feelings and accepted with delight.

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