From Dads to Daughters: A Birthday Gift She'll Love

Nothing celebrates your unique bond like jewelry.

Show Her What Makes Her So Special

She's been the apple of your eye since she was in diapers. But now that she's growing — or grown — up, you want to find a jewelry gift that's all about her for her birthday.

Start with her taste and style. Does she pile jewelry on, or is her style more sporty and casual? Is her taste classic or more fashion-forward? Next, consider what she owns already. She might have plenty of earrings or rings. In that case, maybe she'd love bracelets, a pendant or a maybe even a brooch.

Focus On Her

We have suggestions for her gift, all based on her. Is she:
  • Career-focused? If she spends her time in a professional setting, think traditional or conservative styles appropriate for business attire. A beautiful wristwatch combines practicality with the glamour of fine jewelry.
  • A real fashionista? She's in front of the latest trends and focuses on flair. For her, look to fashion sites or the latest magazines, where right now, you'll see ideas from cuff bracelets to rose-gold stacking rings.
  • Focused on her own family? That's a great source for much-loved jewelry. Think bracelets and pendant necklaces with personalized charms. You and she can have fun updating these pieces for years to come.
  • Active and sporty? Maybe she's most happy in hiking boots or yoga pants. For her, consider thicker chains that can withstand wear and tear, or sparkling stud earrings that won't tangle in her hair.

Perhaps your daughter fits multiple profiles — or has her own mysterious style. When in doubt, you're always right with stud earrings featuring diamonds or her birthstone. But whatever you choose, we know she'll love it — simply because it comes from you.

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