Get Great Gifts for Your Bridal and Wedding Parties

You'll want to thank each member of your wedding party with a beautiful, meaningful gift.

Show them how much they mean to you both.

Whether it's a small army of folks, or an intimate circle of friends, each and every one is important to you. And you know they've already done a lot. Now it's time for turnabout, and the best part is, you can decide together who gives what to whom, and when.

Give the ladies something special.

Obviously, a jewelry gift is ideal, especially if it is something they both like and will wear again. Matching necklaces or earrings can also pull a group look together, if your attendants have chosen different styles of dresses.

Think about:
  • The tone or theme of your wedding – a small pearl pendant for a formal wedding, seashell earrings for a beach venue, charm bracelets with wedding-color charms or matching necklaces, even engraved flasks for a party crowd.
  • Age appropriate gifts – Flower girls and junior bridesmaids might love colorful necklaces, bracelets, charms, all of which come in adorable choices for younger girls.
  • Your maid or matron of honor – Go beyond the bridal party gift by engraving a piece with "Thank you" or "I love you."
  • It's fun to slip smaller gifts into the mix too, like flipflops or a personal fan for a beach wedding, or scarves or wraps for a chilly fall night.

Don't forget the gentlemen!

Certainly, brothers, dads, groomsmen and ushers deserve a special gift too, which can include engraving:
  • Monogrammed cuff links - Truly special and often heirloom-worthy.
  • Money clips - It's fun for guys to flash their cash from a clip that's engraved with their nickname or initials.
  • Dog tags - An increasingly popular style that you can make truly personal with engraving.

Bottom line: Taking a moment to thank your wedding party makes the day - and your relationship - even more special.

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