Gifts for Your Parents: With Love From You & Your Groom

They helped get you here. It's time to say "Thank you."

Celebrate this moment. It's a milestone for everyone.

You and your parents are stepping into new territory, so even at this happiest of times, it's probably somewhat bittersweet for them as well. That's why a gift from you is so incredibly thoughtful right now. But remember: if you do give gifts, it's important to include everyone in your (modern) family, including step-parents - that is, anyone who's been a parent figure for either of you.

Get started with a few warm-hearted ideas.

Let your imagination and loving thoughts make the final decision on what's appropriate:
  • Wedding books. Of course, you probably already plan to give them a photographic package. But you can also personalize it by taking their wedding photo, or one that includes you as a child, getting it framed, and then holding it while getting your wedding photo taken. Then, include it in their book or get a copy and frame it - engraving it with a sweet message.
  • Special time together. It could be a dinner out or even a weekend getaway to a local winery or downtown area.
  • Keepsake memories. Give each mom a locket with a photo of you as a child and as an adult. Or engrave a necklace or bracelet. Dads will love monogrammed or engraved cuff links, or a new watch engraved with a treasured message. And any parental person might appreciate a handkerchief embroidered with the date, and delivered with a special note, to get them through your big day.

Whatever you choose, now more than ever, it really is the thought that counts for the people who love and raised you.

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