Granddaughter Jewelry Gifts

There is a special relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Granddaughter's gifts from grandma are just one way a grandmother can show her love for the special girl in her life, no matter what her age. Interested in jewelry for granddaughter? From Disney characters to meaningful charms, we've got nine granddaughter jewelry gift ideas.

Granddaughter Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry Sets - A jewelry set is a set of jewelry that matches in style and design. How sweet would it be if a grandmother kept the earrings and the granddaughter wore the necklace? Or, both ladies can have their own special set for matching.

Heart Jewelry - A heart is a universal sign of love. Consider a heart necklace or granddaughter bracelet as a sweet and simple granddaughter gift.

Necklace Lockets - A locket is a timeless tradition. Include a special picture or message inside the locket, so she can wear it and remember the great times you have together. Consider this for matching grandma and granddaughter necklaces.

Whimsical Jewelry - From swirls to flowers, whimsical style jewelry is dainty and beautiful. With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a special granddaughter gift with a whimsical design.

Name or Initial Necklace - Personalized necklaces with names, initials or even sweet messages are a fun tradition for many young girls. Explore scroll initial necklaces or a simple name necklace styles.

Personalized Charms - Every little girl needs a charm bracelet. Start a tradition of a granddaughter bracelet by adding charms for each special occasion. A personalized granddaughter charm is a great way to start.

Personalized Earrings - From cute initials to a birthstone or names, personalized earrings would be a perfect granddaughter gift! There are many styles and designs to choose from.

Disney Jewelry - Little girls and Disney princesses go hand in hand. Explore the Disney jewelry collection from Zales, perfect for the older granddaughter. For the younger princesses, a design from the Disney Twinkle collection is a thoughtful and magical choice.

For both grandmother and granddaughter, a look from the Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection is perfect - especially after a dream trip to Disneyland. With so many Disney styles and Disney princesses to choose from, you are sure to find a special jewelry piece to match her personality.

Birthstone Rings - From hearts and swirls to a simple band with gemstones, there are many options for birthstone rings. The gift of a beautiful ring with her birthstone can become a meaningful tradition as a granddaughter gift.

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Sometimes the most memorable part of finding a granddaughter jewelry gift is shopping together! Find a Zales store near you and stop in to explore all types of jewelry designs.

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