Gemstone Jewelry by Anniversary

Every anniversary is special, but some are considered milestones. For these occasions, consider giving your significant other jewelry that features the traditional gemstone that symbolizes your number of years together.

Gemstones by Year

The Sapphire Anniversaries: 5 years, 45 years & 75 years
All three of these anniversaries commemorate with sapphire. Consider starting small for your five year and upgrading in the years that follow.

The Diamond Anniversaries: 10 years & 60 years
Just because you started your marriage with a diamond doesn't mean they can't keep coming! Some couples like to take these anniversaries as an opportunity to upgrade their wedding bands with diamonds. An anniversary band or a three-stone diamond ring is always appropriate.

The Ruby Anniversaries: 15 years, 40 years & 80 years
Another gem so lovely, it is tied to three different anniversaries. The red color of a ruby is thought to symbolize passion and a lasting love. Whether you've made it to 15 years or 80, a ruby is the perfect way to celebrate.

The Emerald Anniversaries: 20 years & 35 years
You may have found yourself lucky in love if you're celebrating 20 or 35 years. Honor the love, and luck, with a dazzling green emerald.

The Pearl Anniversary: 30 years
Considered rare and beautifully developed over time, a pearl is a meaningful symbol to honor a milestone anniversary.

Your Trusted Jeweler

While Zales has been known as The Diamond Store for nearly 100 years, you can find exquisite gemstone designs as well! Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary, your fiftieth or beyond, you'll find exceptional diamond and gemstone designs that speak right to her heart.

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