Holiday & Christmas Jewelry Shopping Tips from Zales

The right timing can make the most of your holiday deals.

Holiday Jewelry Shopping Tips: Sales

On Black Friday, be prepared:
  • Sign up for emails and newsletters at least a few weeks ahead of time
  • Research and pre-shop when the store is quieter, so you get in and out on sale day with minimal hassle
  • Always have a back-up plan in case you can't get the price or piece you wanted
  • Make sure you know the sale dates and times, and get there as soon as the doors open
On Cyber Monday, be security-and-savings-savvy:
  • Only shop on secure sites; look for https:// in the address bar.
  • Beware online stores and brands you're not familiar with
  • Read the fine print, see if free shipping is offered and what the return policy is
  • Do an online search to see if coupon codes are available, before finalizing your buy

More Christmas Jewelry Shopping Tips

Avoid the sales-day craze:
  • Plan in advance for the holidays — there are always special sales throughout the summer and fall
  • Sign up for emails and newsletters from your favorite jewelry retailers to stay informed about special deals
  • Remember, weekday shopping is quieter, perfect for talking with salespeople, looking around and even trying things on ahead of time
Take the time to personalize:
  • Initials, meaningful dates and messages are extra-thoughtful touches for gifts
  • You'll need at least 10 business days to order engraved jewelry, sometimes longer
  • Ask retailers if engraving time is longer around the holidays, and plan for that
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