First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Zales

First Mother’s Day gifts should be as unique and special as the lovely mother receiving them. Zales may not be able to provide the best gift for new moms (peaceful, uninterrupted sleep), but we have plenty of Mother’s Day gift ideas to spark joy for her and the newest member of your family.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when trying to pick new Mom jewelry is what kind of jewelry style your new Mom prefers. She may like statement pieces or more minimalist options. She may be a romantic at heart or she may prefer non-traditional gifts like a designer watch.

Before diving into the Mother’s Day gifts deep end, start with these ideas.

First Mother’s Day Idea #1: A Birthstone Necklace for Mom

Zales gifts for mom include simple, elegant Mother’s Day gifts and more intricate mother’s rings or even a mother’s necklace. You’ll find a variety of designs ranging from pieces with the infinity symbol to Mother’s Day jewelry with an artistic mother and child featured.

But a First Mother’s Day gift should reflect the importance of your first child being brought into the world. That’s why many first-time parents look to birthstone jewelry as the perfect way to celebrate a child.

You can determine the ideal birthstone necklace for Mom on our Birthstone Jewelry page. Once you’ve done that, you can find a mother’s necklace by simply looking for pieces with the gemstone of your baby’s birth month included.

For instance, January’s birthstone is the quietly brilliant garnet which symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and devotion. May features the verdant emerald which stands for faithfulness, loyalty, and love.

Of course, if your new Mom jewelry uses an April birthstone, your choices are far less limited. Hint: April’s birthstone is the diamond. That means that you can select many items from the entire Zales range including earrings, bracelets, and more.

First Mother’s Day Idea #2: A Disney Collectible

No woman ever outgrows wanting to feel like a Disney princess.

Our jewelry line Enchanted by Disney Fine Jewelry features many options inspired by classic Disney princesses including old favorites like Snow White and Cinderella along with new characters like Elsa from Frozen.

This exclusive collection features all kinds of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas. For instance, you can dazzle your first-time Mom with a pair of her own glass slipper earrings or surprise her with her own Belle-inspired rose necklace and pendant.

Then again, some women appreciate Disney villains, too.

If the new Mom in your life enjoys Maleficent more than Aurora, don’t worry: Zales has a Disney Villains line, too, including pieces inspired by Ursula, Captain Hook, and The Evil Queen from Snow White.

As unique Mother’s Day gifts go, jewelry inspired by their favorite Disney character is truly memorable and special -- just like Mom.

First Mother’s Day Idea #3: New Mom Jewelry

Of course, you could also opt for a birthstone-inspired bracelet or even a pair of earrings instead. It all depends on what Mother’s Day jewelry your new Mom would prefer style-wise.

For a Mother’s Day gift that makes for conversation starter any day of the year, consider a gemstone tweak to a traditional pendant, bracelet, or ring.

In fact, don’t feel limited to bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.

The ideal First Mother’s Day gift may instead be an elegant designer watch from our collection. You can choose from silver, gold, rose gold, and other finishes with a large selection of different face-types.

Some of these watches even feature diamond accents for added flair and refinement.

From unique pendants to classic diamond stud earrings, you can find even more ideas on our New Mom Gifts page.

First Mother’s Day Idea #4: Personalize Her First Mother’s Day Gift

Celebrating mom with a special First Mother’s Day gift means helping her feel as beautiful and special as you know she is.

Personalized jewelry from Zales is a perfect first Mother’s Day gift idea to recognize the new mama in your life-- especially for new moms on the go.

New moms can be comfortable and chic with versatile personalized jewelry designs from Zales. Dress up casual and comfy wear with a one-of-a-kind statement piece from our personalized jewelry selections.

For a first Mother’s Day gift, help mom keep her child close to her heart with a beautiful personalized Zales piece. One idea is to feature the name of her new baby on a gorgeous custom necklace. Explore our wide selection of necklace font styles, from a whimsical script to a bold block letter options.

Plus, this First Mother’s Day gift idea gives mom a unique way to show off her new bundle of joy.

Wearing a personalized jewelry piece with the baby's name is a beautiful way she can share her new mom pride. Explore other ideas or create your own Mothers Day gifts at Zales.