Gift Ideas for Rite-of-Passage Occasions

Wondering what to get a young person to commemorate their rite-of-passage celebration? Go with a traditional and sentimental gift – jewelry.

Why Jewelry is the Perfect Choice

A special piece of jewelry is something that not only honors the moment, but can be kept and cherished for a lifetime. Like graduations and anniversaries, a coming of age celebration acknowledges the journey as well as the future. The young person receiving the gift is sure to feel incredibly loved and proud of their special moment.


Confirmations are the act of making a mature statement of faith. A young person is acknowledged as a member of their church after the ceremony. Confirmations are spiritual occasions and the focus is generally on faith, rather than a celebration. That said, it is very common to give gifts after the service. Some gift ideas include:
  • A rosary or a cross pendant or earrings
  • Stud earrings featuring pearls or gemstones
  • An engraved frame or keepsake box


Sometimes simply called "qunices", this is the traditional Latin celebration of a young woman turning 15 years old. It is not uncommon for these celebrations to be elaborate and extravagant, not unlike some weddings. Naturally, birthday gifts are given to the celebrant. Some gift ideas include:
  • A cross necklace or bracelet
  • A birthstone pendant or earrings
  • A diamond necklace or bracelet

Bat & Bar Mitzvah

Bat and bar mitzvahs are Jewish rite-of-passage ceremonies that announce adolescent girls and boys as adults. Boys experience their ceremony at 13, while girls have theirs at 12. The ceremony is deeply traditional and subdued, but the after parties are generally very festive. Some gift ideas include:
  • An engraved watch
  • A delicate pendant necklace, perhaps with a diamond or pearl
  • Diamond studs or hoop earrings

Other Opportunities to Gift

Life is full of significant moments, many that can be honored with a gift of fine jewelry. Learn more about gifting occasions here.

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