Five Ways to Make Your Gift a Surprise

Sometimes a gift is too perfect to just hand over. So why not make the delivery just as special as the gift itself?

You picked out the perfect present for that special someone, and you can't wait to see their reaction when they finally open it. While you may be tempted to just hand it over, if you really want to knock their socks off, make the gift-giving moment just as surprising and memorable as the gift. By putting in a little extra effort, you can give them a story they'll be delighted to tell for years to come.

As you think of unique ways to elevate your gift giving experience, consider these suggestions for a little inspiration.

1. Stunned by the extraordinary

For the first, easier option, try hiding your jewelry gift in a place where the recipient will just stumble upon it. It can be wrapped or unwrapped, as long as it's somewhere they'll look on a daily basis. Think along the lines of sock drawer, gym bag or makeup tray. When they visit these spots expecting the ordinary, they'll be dazzled by your special gift. Try to be there when it happens so you can celebrate the moment together. Just make sure you put your gift somewhere where it won't get lost or ruined.

2. Played by the packaging

Our second idea is perfect for you if you're infamous for giving a few unsuccessful gifts in the past. Now's the time to use that to your advantage. Surprise your giftee by repurposing an empty box from something you know they'll be disappointed by – a screwdriver, a cleaning supply, women's perfume - and hide your jewelry inside. When they open your gift expecting something ordinary and mundane, they'll be left in a state of shock. Just encourage them to keep digging! You'll soon see their look of disappointment turn into pure delight.

3. Duped by delivery

If there's an exciting celebration or event coming up, the recipient is probably already expecting a gift from you. So, why not catch them off guard by letting someone else deliver it? There are lots of ways you can make this happen. If the giftee has a child or a younger sibling, you could ask them to deliver your jewelry in a sweet, unexpected way. What about a pet? There's nothing more magical than a puppy with a jewelry box around their neck. Or, if you're close with the neighbors, ask them to deliver the gift as if it was put in their mail by mistake. No matter what, make it fun! Just make sure your partner in crime doesn't accidentally give away the surprise.

4. Surprised by a scavenger hunt

This fourth idea is a little more time intensive, but it can be worth the effort. If you think your recipient might enjoy working hard for their reward, consider making their jewelry gift the surprise at the end of a scavenger hunt. Use meaningful clues partnered with their favorite items around the house to make it more personal or make it a neighborhood event by placing hints along their typical route. Want to get your friends involved? They can become clue givers! Just make sure the final clue is a tough one; it'll lead them to the gift you worked so hard to find.

5. Presented somewhere special

For most of us, memory lane is packed with lots of special stops along the way. If you and your recipient have a few places that carry significant meaning for your relationship, consider giving them their gift at one of those spots. Not every location will be serious, and that's okay! Plan ahead to avoid suspicion and keep your jewelry safe and secure until the timing is perfect. Whether it's the theme park where you shared your first kiss or the restaurant where you proposed, the surroundings are sure to spark special memories that'll make the new moment unforgettable.

With a little extra effort and creativity, you'll create memories that are truly priceless, along with giving a gift that is thoughtful and meaningful.

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