Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Says She Doesn't Want Anything

It's a tricky situation. She says she doesn't want a gift, but you have a suspicion she does. Follow your instinct and consider these options.

Why Would She Say She Doesn't Want Anything for Valentine's Day?

Women generally have a few common reasons for expressing no interest in a Valentine's Day gift. These reasons can be categorized by three basic types of women:

The holiday hesitant: She does't appreciate the cookie-cutter commercialism of the holiday or the need to make a fuss.

The overly considerate companion: She hates to put pressure on you to find the perfect gift for her.

The testing type: She's curious to see how you'll respond to her claim that she doesn't want a gift.

There is a Right Gift for Her

Perhaps one of the women described rings a bell. Depending on which one resembles your valentine, shop accordingly:

Go personal and sentimental for the holiday-hater
Her aversion to commercialism is an indication that she appreciates gifts that are unique and heart-felt. Creating a custom designed piece of jewelry would be the perfect way to show her how you feel. Engraving is also an excellent option to add a personal touch. Choose a quote she loves or a meaningful song lyric and have it placed on a pendant or inside of a ring.

Choose something classic for the overly considerate companion
It's understandable. There are so many options when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. There are some pieces of jewelry that are considered classics for a reason – as in, they are timeless and universally flattering. Diamond studs, a signature pendant necklace, or strand of pearls are just a few staples that are always considered must-haves for her jewelry wardrobe.

Finally, aim to thrill the testing type. You know her best, but this woman may really appreciate a little wow-factor. Think major sparkle and a little drama. Some ideas include a pair of occasion earrings in a chandelier style, a diamond choker, or a brilliant colored gemstone ring. Sound like a little too much? A watch, diamond tennis bracelet, or any of the aforementioned classic pieces would also ensure she has a happy Valentine's Day.

We've Got You Covered

Whatever "type" she might be, we've got you covered. You're sure to find the right Valentine's Day gift for the one you love at Zales. Shop our expanded assortment of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more online at Or visit your local Zales store and speak with a knowledgeable jewelry consultant. Either way, we're here for you!

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