Zales Valentine’s Jewelry for Every Kind of Love

Is your love new, shining bright like a roaring holiday fire on a snowy evening? Maybe your love is glowing embers that have burned longer than you can even remember now. No matter the age, Valentine’s Day is a lovely occasion to get your partner an extra special “something.”

You can opt for an infinity heart necklace or something more understated like a simple diamond bracelet. For a special man in your life, you might surprise him with a new watch from his favorite brand.

What Valentine’s jewelry surprises await you at your local Zales store and in-stock online?  

Romantic Valentine’s Jewelry Looks

Valentine’s jewelry, like love itself, comes in many forms with all kinds of stories. In order to tell your own, think of what kind of theme, setting, gemstone, or precious metal reminds you of how you fell in love.

While Zales offers more traditional style Valentine’s jewelry, we also love non-traditional looks -- or even just Valentine’s gifts that you might not automatically associate with Valentine’s Day. Will your partner prefer rose gold or sterling silver? Will they prefer a traditional red gemstone or maybe some Italian gold instead?

Let’s illuminate your Valentine’s jewelry options with key categories and themes. Roses are red and sapphires are blue. Which Zales Valentine’s jewelry will be right for you?

Celebrate With All of the Colors of Love in Valentine’s Jewelry

Many people associate Valentine’s jewelry with the classic Valentine’s Day colors: red, pink, purple, and other similar hues. But the truth can celebrate your love using any color in the rainbow. I know: who knew?

According to ancient wisdom, the color of the heart chakra is green. So it stands to reason that jewelry set with gorgeous green emeralds would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.

You can find stunning emerald pendants starting at under $50, but also consider a pair of emerald earrings or an emerald bracelet. Bonus: your friends will be green with envy!  

That’s also not to say that you shouldn’t opt for red if that’s what you want.

There are plenty of lovely options like this selection of ruby anniversary rings. Of course, a gemstone and diamond necklace, ring, or earrings from the Le Vian® Collection is also sure to wow.

Don’t limit love to just a few colors. If you’re thinking about color for Valentine’s Day and something in the pink-red-purple basket doesn’t sing to you, take a look at a birthstone style.

With designs featuring gemstones in every hue of the rainbow, from golden yellow citrine, to warm spring-green peridot, to soft sky blue topaz and more, you’re sure to find a look the one you love will love.

Whatever color your love is, Zales has Valentine’s jewelry to match it. 

So Many Reasons to Heart Zales

Nothing says Valentine’s jewelry like a heart-shaped beauty to wow your one true love. It’s the traditional shape of love, and it says “Love” better than anything.

Heart-shaped fashion necklaces are always a great idea. Simple metal styles are a classic look, but the addition of sparkling diamonds, bright purple amethyst, flirty pink sapphire, and other gemstones elevate this timeless design.

Fashion bracelets anchored or adorned with hearts are a great Valentine’s Day gift option, as well.  

A heart bolo bracelet is a welcome casual style. These gold or silver styles may be lined with diamonds or gemstones, and, since they are adjustable, you know it’s going to fit. Or, she might prefer a fashion bracelet. A ribbon of interlinked hearts or a line of “I ♥ U”s are a sweet and stylish way to get your message across.

But, if you do want to go all out for Valentine’s jewelry, a heart-shaped diamond or gemstone engagement ring will start fireworks and make any romantic evening that much more special.

Hold the Hearts, but Keep the Valentine’s Jewelry Sentiment

Though many find that hearts and roses are the perfect companions to their Valentine’s Day festivities, these classic symbols of love don’t represent everyone’s relationships. At Zales, we know that Valentine’s jewelry is highly personal, so if you don’t want hearts, we’ve got you covered.

Good news for Disney lovers: we have whole collections based on Disney princesses and icons to make your special lady feel just like her favorite Disney character. Explore our Belle Collection or our Cinderella Collection that match her enchanting charm.

Pieces from our Vera Wang Love Collection also make romantic Valentine’s jewelry gifts -- especially for those getting ready to renew their weddings vows (or exchange them for the first time, too).

The Zales Vera Wang Love Collection also features another traditional style of Valentine’s jewelry: the infinity symbol. The pair of entwined circles encapsulates the idea of forever and what better symbol to choose for Valentine’s jewelry?

This theme of never-ending affection has endured for a reason, after all.  

Valentine’s Jewelry For Him

Looking incredible with eye-catching accessories isn’t just for the ladies. Men appreciate a fine piece of jewelry, too. And, with the right one, you can make him swoon, but the right piece depends a great deal on his personal style.

Valentine’s Jewelry for the Jeans and a T-Shirt Type: Keep it cool and casual with a silver wristwatch or a leather bracelet. Or, treat him to a leather belt with a buckle engraved with his initials. That personalization makes for a very intimate romantic gesture.

Valentine’s Jewelry for the Suit and Tie Type: Unique cufflinks are the perfect finishing touches for a man with sharp style. This guy might also appreciate a statement watch to match his bold confidence. Check our Classic Gifts for Him section for more ideas.

Valentine’s Jewelry for the Type Who Works with His Hands Every day: Whether a tradesman by day or a weekend woodworker, this guy gets his hands dirty and is always busy with something. He needs Valentine’s jewelry that is robust and uncomplicated like a braided leather bracelet or simple gold chain from our Ultimate Gifts for Him selection.

Valentine’s Jewelry for the Fitness Buff with a Heart of Gold: This man likely doesn’t need a watch because he has his activity tracker or smartwatch on already. He might want something simpler that won’t get in the way of his workouts like something from our Modern Gifts for Him selection or a personalized ring.

Valentine’s Jewelry for the Stud in the Middle: This guy might not use cufflinks every day, but maybe he does wear ties quite often. Spruce up his everyday style with something modern or surprise him with an engraved key chain. That way, he can be reminded of your love at work or on the way home.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Hint: Colorful Gemstones, Dazzling Diamonds, and Made in Italy Gold

Finding the ideal Valentine’s jewelry for that special lady in your life might seem like a daunting task. But all you have to do is find a theme and shop for pieces that fit that theme. For instance, does she prefer diamonds or gemstones? Does she wear sterling silver, gold, or other metals most?

With a few questions answered, you can find incredible pieces to leave her speechless on Valentine’s Day. For starters, consider a piece from the Past, Present, Future Collection. It will shine as brightly as your partner’s eyes on a moonlit night.

If your partner is more a Beauty and the Beast fan, show her how like Belle she is with a rose gold diamond rose pendant from our Enchanted Disney Collection. Still simple, but also eye-catching, uncomplicated, and wistful -- just like Belle!

The Zales Ever Us Collection offers classic pieces to remind someone how much you care for them. But for the ultimate Valentine’s Day jewelry gift, choose something from our Vera Wang Love Collection. Each piece is unique, just like your relationship.

You can find more ideas on our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide page.  

Personalized Valentine’s Jewelry for that Extra Thoughtful Touch

We touched a bit on personalization and engraving in our Valentine’s GIfts for Him section above. But you can engrave almost anything with a special message.

Find 14K gold that was made in Italy for a priceless keepsake that’s also simple and refined. Or you can engrave your partner’s favorite piece as a Valentine’s jewelry gift, too.

The tricky part, as you might agree, is deciding what your message will be.  

Can’t Decide What to Get? Use a Gift Card and Shop Together

Sometimes, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. With Valentine’s jewelry, this adage goes double, so a Zales gift card may be the perfect solution if you don’t know bracelets from rings or white gold from rose gold.

Find the Perfect Zales Valentine’s Jewelry for the Love of Your Life

You can also find in-store and online Valentine’s Day specials, too. The best part about all of this Valentine’s jewelry: it can really work any time of year that you want to show your partner just how much you care for them.