Giving Her Heart-Shaped Jewelry for Valentine's Day

It may be an expected motif for Valentine's Day, but it's always a great idea nonetheless.

Traditional Options

Classic, romantic and just a little bit whimsical, heart-shaped jewelry is a natural gift for Valentine's Day. Heart-shaped jewelry accented with colored gemstones are especially breathtaking, red particularly. If gemstone jewelry feels a little too extravagant, consider a gold or silver charm for a necklace or bracelet. Simple heart shaped studs also make a thoughtful gift. And don't forget about Claddagh jewelry. Claddagh rings are not only steeped in history and tradition, they can be a deeply romantic symbol of love and commitment.

Modern Options

Jewelry designers have taken the heart to new and creative heights with modern pieces that incorporate the classic shape. Rings and necklaces often have designs that feature two hearts intertwined or delicately woven into an infinity symbol. These styles are equally beautiful and expressive, and might be the perfect option for a woman who appreciates a distinctive piece of jewelry that speaks to her individuality. These designs also tend to tell a story, which makes for an extra thoughtful way to show your valentine how you feel.

So Many Reasons to (Heart) Zales

At Zales, you'll find both the traditional and modern heart-shaped looks your Valentine will love. Shop our expanded assortments online at, or visit your local Zales retail store and shop with a jewelry consultant. Either way, we'll make sure you find the perfect gift for your special Valentine!

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