Branded Diamonds

If you've been thinking about diamonds, you've probably been wondering about branded diamonds. Are they worth it? Would a less well-known brand work just as well? And what brand should you choose?

Below, we address the basics of brand name diamonds and how to choose the right brand for you.

Brands Make the Product

Brands are everywhere. It's hard not to think of coffee without thinking about Starbucks or smart phones without Apple or Samsung. But why do we associate these products so strongly with these brands?

Starbucks works hard to deliver a consistently great coffee experience, so you'd think of them when you think of coffee. Branded diamonds are no different. In fact, if it weren't for one diamond brand, we wouldn’t have the gem styles we have today.

Tolkowsky's Brilliant Cut

You may have heard of the Tolkowsky diamond brand. You may have even admired their diamonds up close. But did know that if it weren't for the brand’s founder, diamonds today wouldn't be the same?

In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky began to study how light travels through a diamond. He knew that with the right cut, a jewel’s brilliance would shine even brighter – and he was right. He discovered that if you cut the diamond too shallow or too deep, the light would escape through the bottom and sides. This also led to a spectrum of color loss, affecting luster and brilliance, as well.

Through his experiments, Tolkowsky found what is now known as the ideal gem cut. In the publication of his findings, he called this cut "The American Standard." It is also called the "The American Ideal Cut."

What makes the American Ideal Cut special is its ability to bring out the best in any diamond. What once was a simple rock becomes a dazzling gem instead. This cut is so well known that it's what most people think of when they think of a diamond. The American Standard cut is round on top, has a sharp point on the bottom and all the colors of the rainbow shine through it. Since The American Ideal Cut became standard, brands had to do more to differentiate themselves.

High Quality

Many brands are built on the superiority and craftsmanship of their products. Much like Tolkowsky, they have their own high standards and requirements that each diamond must meet in order to put their name on it.


Brands tell you exactly what you're getting when it comes to branded diamonds. Authenticity is paramount in this industry. Brands know that if they're not authentic and truthful, people will buy another brand.

Reputation and Image

Like other industries, values, lifestyle and image are all an integral part of what makes a brand appealing. You may feel a sense of pride when you choose a diamond brand that you feel speaks to you. There is also a certain amount of joy in name-dropping the brand of your diamond.

Famous Diamond Brands

  • Tolkowsky
  • Vera Wang
  • Le Vian
  • Neil Lane

Is a Branded Diamond for Me?

There are many branded and non-branded options to consider when picking an engagement ring. Sometimes, a branded diamond can help tip the scales when you can't decide. Or, you may have a brand in mind when you start your search.

That being said, there are many beautiful, high-quality diamonds out there that aren't branded. Always pick the ring that feels right to you while keeping in mind the advantages brand names offer.

Shop With Confidence

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