Get to Know Bracelets

Learn the basic styles of bracelets.


At their most basic, most bracelets will feature a chain. While sometimes worn on their own, chains included in these popular styles are generally made to support the embellishments included. Of course, not all bracelets begin with a chain, as you'll discover.

Named for the beloved bracelet of a famous tennis star, this style is quite the athlete itself. Nimble and light, tennis bracelets are designed for easy wear without sacrificing any style. Meant to be worn comfortably around the wrist to allow for some movement, they generally attach with a clasp that locks. Gemstones are primarily featured in tennis bracelets, and diamond tennis bracelets are the most popular.

Bangles can range in size and weight. Some are quite wide while others can be more slender. Most often, bangles do not feature clasps or closures, but are wide enough for the hand to pass through, yet narrow enough for the bracelet to stay on the wrist. If a closure is part of the design, the bracelet may open and then click shut with a locking mechanism. For the most part, bangles are solid bracelets that do not contain any links, as in a chain. Bangles can be worn individually or as a group.

A cuff is one of the most unique styles of bracelets. Generally wide, cuffs tend to cover the wrist and slightly higher, though some can be narrower. Solid metal is the primary material for cuffs with leather being the second most common. Cuffs often feature openings rather than clasps.

With a simple chain base, this bracelet is intended to be customized and personalized with individual charms. Charms can be selected all at once or curated over many years.

Similar to the tie that shares its name, bolo bracelets feature an adjustable closure that tightens and loosens. Bolos feature many types of designs and materials but are generally lighter and more delicate compared to other styles.

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