Get to Know Necklaces

Learn about different types of necklaces and chains.

Popular Necklace Styles

Strand – Generally, a strand consists of uniform gemstones or beads strung together. Stones or beads can also vary in size and color to create different patterns.

Pendant – A single charm, gemstone, or other design that is the focal point of a pendant necklace. Pendants can be quite simple, perhaps a single solitaire gemstone, or elaborate, such as a silver or gold design featuring gems or pearls.

Choker – A distinct high and tight necklace that lays across the throat. They can vary in width and specific style. Some may be wide with a cascade of gemstones. Others may be a delicate chain with a charm or two.

Chain Types

A chain is at the foundation of most types of necklaces. There are a wide variety of chains, these are the most popular and the most likely to be worn as is, unadorned.

  • Anchor – Also called Mariner, this chain alternates a single round link with a larger oval link, giving it a distinct appearance.
  • Bead – Boasts small round beaded fixed along a slender chain with slight distance between them.
  • Box – Square-shaped links give this chain its boxy appearance.
  • Byzantine – This chain features complex patterns that twist together.
  • Cable chains – The most commonly used chain style, curb chains feature simple conjoined oval links.
  • Curb/Cuban chains – Flat interlocking links. May be diamond-cut to add texture. Can range from skinny to wide.
  • Figaro chains – Features two or three short links alternating with one longer one, forming a pattern. Considered a masculine design.
  • Popcorn – Intricately woven, this link chain the illusion of beads clustered together.
  • Rolo – Features interlocking oval-shaped links that are turned 180 degrees from each other.
  • Rope chains – Links that are twisted together resembling a rope.
  • Singapore chains – Curved links that have a flat appearance. May also be call the Twisting Curb chain.
  • Snake chains – Created with closely fit rings that give the appearance and texture of a snakeskin. Very flexible.
  • Wheat chains – Feature four strands of twisting oval links woven together.
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