When Jewelry is Worth the Investment

Trend jewelry and investment jewelry are very different indeed. While both have their places, it's always good to know how to spend your money wisely when it comes to fine jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry distinguishes itself with quality and timelessness. It is crafted to last with high quality precious metals and/or stones. Fashion jewelry on the other hand, though sometimes well-made, is created for trends and fads. So, even though you love a piece of fashion jewelry now, you may not feel the same way a few years down the line. This fleeting feeling is the main reason you should be investing in quality, signature pieces that you can wear for a lifetime.

But What to Buy?

The focus should be on timeless pieces. You could start with the basic jewelry wardrobe staples, such as:
  • A pair of diamond stud earrings,
  • Diamond tennis bracelet
  • A fine watch
  • Special occasion gemstone earrings in a sapphires, rubies or emeralds
  • Pearl earrings or necklace
Choose something that you've been dreaming about for a few years. This could be a piece you've wanted for a while but have only recently been in the position to purchase. You'll want to love the jewelry you choose for years to come and possibly pass it down someday. Whatever you choose, make sure you ask yourself these questions:
  • Will this jewelry get a good amount of wear? Enough to justify the investment?
  • Is the quality satisfactory to my standards?
  • Does it come with appropriate documentation certifying the legitimacy and quality?
  • Is the style such that it will last through the years and still be desirable decades from now?

You Don't Have to Wait For a Gift

Women, in particular, often wonder if it is appropriate to buy themselves jewelry. The answer is: absolutely, yes! Women have become more and more comfortable treating themselves to special pieces rather than waiting for a special someone to gift them with jewelry. Don't hesitate to make your own jewelry dreams come true if you're ready.

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