Quality Italian Gold Jewelry from Zales

Across millennia, Italian experts honed their gold jewelry-making techniques and abilities. Today, modern jewelers practice similar techniques to maintain the quality and history of our Italian gold jewelry.

However, not all Italian gold is created equal. In fact, to attain Italian gold steeped in the rich history, culture, and quality you desire, our experts must be intimately familiar with the history of Italian gold.

From a delicate Italian 14k gold chain to a hand-crafted Italian gold bracelet, we select only the most authentic Italian gold. Handmade on the peninsula using techniques refined over centuries, Zales pieces made in Italy are expertly sourced and imported for you.  

In this article, we’ll take a look at all things Italian Gold. Take a peek into the Zales process in evaluating Italian gold jewelry to learn how to identify authentic gold from Italy. Plus, find the ideal Italian gold jewelry for your style, learn the difference between 14k and 24k, and tons of other factors that affect the value of your favorite Italian gold jewelry pieces.

What is an Italian Gold Piece of Jewelry?

“Italian gold” is simply gold that is made in Italy. More specifically, the term applies to quality gold jewelry made in Italy using precise techniques. These techniques date back to the Ancient Etruscans and were further refined during Roman times and the Middle Ages. Modern techniques show a return to form with a focus on traditional techniques. But, knowing the history of Italian gold jewelry is just the first step to finding the ideal piece for your style and budget. Learning what makes certain Italian gold more desirable or expensive than others matters, as well.

Italian Gold Jewelry: Rooted in Ancient Traditions

Before browsing our selection of handcrafted Italian gold jewelry, you may want to expand your knowledge of what makes a piece of jewelry Italian gold. For instance, did you know that these pieces come from a specific region in Italy including Vincenza and Arezzo?

The Italian gold tradition predates Roman times. For instance, gold was wildly popular during the Etruscan civilization, which spanned what we now consider Central Italy. Ancient Etruscan men and women flaunted their jewelry and often wore rings on all ten fingers.

Later, Egyptian and Minoan influences made gold jewelry a sign of rank in society, style, and wealth. For example, influential Minoan styles lead to a rise in filigree popularity. This early Italian gold trend lasted until the Greek and Roman cultural influences dominated jewelry making.

Wearing bracelets along the entire arm characterized Roman gold jewelry trends. There are historical accounts of men writing at length about their wives’ endless collection of jewelry. What’s more, ancient Italian gold jewelry like gold necklaces became associated with religious devotion and reverence.

Following the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages, early Italian gold played a large role in training Renaissance artists and artisans. Case in point, no matter what kind of artist an apprentice aspired to be, it was customary for them to begin their training as a goldsmith. This way, if young artists learned to master one of the most complicated, detailed, and high-stakes processes, they were fully prepared to take on painting, sculpting or other forms of art.

Furthermore, Renaissance society revered gold jewelry artisans, showing them the same respect we do for high-profile modern artists. In fact, several legendary artists began as early Italian gold artists. One notable example is Donatello. Another is Brunelleschi, who designed the dome of the world-famous Duomo cathedral in Florence, Italy.

What Does 750 Italy Mean on Gold?

When you see a number like “750” stamped on Italian gold jewelry, this means that the piece is 75% pure gold. “Italy” refers to the fact that the piece was made in Italy. Most of the time, gold is mixed with other alloys to produce a variety of textures and colors. These mixtures help create white, pink, yellow, or even green gold jewelry.

Be sure to take this stamp into account when shopping for Italian gold jewelry. If you’re on the hunt for Italian gold jewelry with a higher percentage of gold, look for a higher karat count like 18K or 22K. This will ensure that you purchase a piece comprised of more pure gold.

Does Italian Gold Tarnish?

Pure gold will not tarnish or rust. In fact, the way that pure Italian gold interacts with oxygen molecules helps it stay shiny and pristine. However, Italian gold is often mixed with various alloys that change the color and texture of the piece. These other metals may be more likely to tarnish. In short, the higher the percentage of pure gold, the less likely the piece is to tarnish.

Is it Real Gold if it Says 14K?

Generally, the numbers imprinted on authentic Italian gold jewelry correspond to a karat rating. Numbers like 10, 14, 18, or 22 also indicate the percentage of real gold versus non-gold alloys in the piece. This applies to Italian gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and chains. For example, an Italian gold jewelry piece is real is if it says 14K. However, this means that it only contains around 58% gold and then 42% other alloyed metals. Always be sure to look for the appropriate hallmark on the inside of the piece to ensure authenticity. Official gold hallmarks include 916/22K, 750/18K, 585/14K, and 417/10K.

Brilliant Italian Gold Necklaces

Finding the perfect Italian gold necklace can make or break your favorite outfit. It can also be the difference between a lackluster gift and an unforgettable quality piece for your special someone.

Italian gold necklaces are fantastic for birthdays, anniversaries, and even the holidays. Our quality Italian gold necklaces combine old-world charm with modern European chic. The best part: no matter which Italian gold necklace you prefer, the higher pure gold percentage means that these pieces aren’t as likely tarnish or rust.

Exquisite Italian Gold Bracelets

Embrace your inner history with an Italian gold bracelet that carries thousands of years of craftsmanship in its metal. The “It Girls” of Ancient Rome donned wrists and entire arms clad with early Italian gold bracelets and bangles.

But don’t worry: you don’t have to be a history buff to make your Italian gold jewelry shine.

Italian fashionista, influencer, and jewelry fanatic, Camilla Sentuti, flaunts some of her favorite 14K Italy gold pieces. Many Italian gold bracelets elegantly suit any wrist and outfit. A cascade Italian gold necklace or statement ring are perfect for busy parents or fashionistas who just love to accessorize on the go.

On the other hand, say you want something more eye-catching and steeped in the history that Italian gold carries within it.

You can find Italian gold bracelets that feature coins in our Italian Gold Collection. The coin adornment draws upon the classic tradition of decorating gold bracelets and other Italian gold jewelry with coins. This style often showcased someone’s social status and wealth in society.

Italian Gold Earrings and Italian Gold Chains for Every Occasion

Not everyone prefers rings or bracelets. Sometimes, the ideal gift is a simple pair of Italian gold earrings to set off a holiday outfit or spruce up a weekly trip to the grocery store.

As a gift for a loved one or for a “treat yourself” moment, Italian gold earrings offer incredible value considering the artistry and historical heritage of the Italian gold jewelry-making tradition.

And, because these pieces have a higher percentage of pure gold, they are less likely rust or tarnish.

One of the most iconic pieces in any jewelry collection, a pair of Italian gold hoop earrings never go out of style. You can find diamond studded, braided, or even two-tone Italian gold earrings in our Made in Italy Collection.

If you would rather have something with movement, you might opt for a pair of tassel or drop earrings instead. Pictured above, Camilla Sentuti flaunts a pair of stylish wavy hoop  earrings along with her other Italian gold jewelry pieces.

Similarly, simple Italian gold chains can be worn by themselves or be used as a base for a stunning statement charm or pendant. The beauty of Italian gold jewelry is in its simplicity, after all. But, don’t stop there. One of the things we love most about Made in Italy gold is how versatile it is.

Some Italian gold chain styles involve complex twists that recall Catholic rosary chains or braided wheat-- two items that beautifully capture Italian culture, and history.

Others feature links that resemble anchor chain patterns or Venetian chains with square links. In fact, Arezzo, a town in Italy known for producing Italian gold jewelry, is also linked with chains and metalworking (naturally).

You can find simple statement Italian gold chain necklaces that dazzle by themselves. But something like a flat-link chain necklace offers versatility in that it can be worn alone or as part of an Italian gold jewelry set. The best part? Italian gold jewelry isn’t just for women.

Zales carries a selection of high-quality Italian gold necklaces for men, as well. You can find more traditional Italian gold chains to be worn alone or experiment with banded or braided designs for your Italian gold necklace.

From a confident Italian gold necklace for men to an elegant Italian gold pendant chain for a woman, Zales only offers you high-quality, expertly identified pieces in both traditional and modern styles.

An Italian Gold Ring for Every Finger

If you want Italian gold rings, you want to ensure you are getting the real deal. That’s why Zales takes such care in verifying quality and sourcing reliably. But not everyone was always a fan of Italian gold rings.

In Roman times, laws had to be passed to curb the excess to which people wore Italian gold rings. This extended to men as well, affecting the types of metal jewelry they could wear in certain situations.

For instance, Roman senators could only wear their golden rings in public as a kind of “badge of office”. Luckily for us, no such laws exist, so we are free to don Italian gold rings of any style anywhere and in any quantity we prefer.

Emulating the elegant, hand-crafted style of artisans from thousands of years ago, some Made in Italy rings feature intricate designs or diamond accents. For a more everyday Italian gold ring, something understated but chic like a wrap ring promises the same quality and craftsmanship while maintaining a lower profile than a statement Italian gold ring.

No matter what style you choose, the sophistication of Italian gold jewelry will surely have people asking where in the world you got these pieces. Italy, of course!

Your Ideal Italian Gold Jewelry is Waiting for you at Zales

Now that you’re armed with the inside knowledge on what makes Italian gold jewelry so unique, you’re ready to get shopping for yourself and others.

Quality Italian gold chains and Italian gold bracelets make for eye-catching gifts steeped in millennia of artistry. Italian gold rings combine elegant simplicity with historical expertise.

Finding authentic Italian gold jewelry through Zales helps to ensure that your Italian gold piece is 100% made in Italy from the highest quality European materials. It also helps guarantee that your Italian gold piece was hand-crafted using techniques refined over centuries.

Browse our selection of Italian gold jewelry to find your ideal Italian gold earrings and other Italian gold pieces. Bring high-fashion European glam to your favorite everyday look with quality Italian gold jewelry from Zales.