Jewelry Buying Mistakes

During the holiday season, jewelry is the perfect gift for that special person in your life. A nice piece of jewelry is a simple way to show them you care. Jewelry is a personal way to express style, so be careful when choosing jewelry for someone else. Jewelry buying mistakes don't have to happen. If you do your homework and plan ahead of time, you'll know how to buy jewelry.

Do Homework on Buying Jewelry

The biggest mistake people make when buying jewelry for someone else is buying the wrong type of jewelry. For example, is the person active or someone who may be in the medical field? That person may need something made from more durable materials or more lightweight.

Do they wear a lot of jewelry? You want to make sure you don't get them a type of gemstone that is easily scratched. Jewelry care is a very important element to consider when it comes to jewelry buying.

Budget Before Buying Jewelry

One common mistake people make is not budgeting ahead of time. Setting a budget helps narrow your search options for a nice piece of jewelry. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still purchase a quality piece of jewelry.

A reputable jeweler will help you choose the best piece of jewelry for your budget. It's okay to be honest with them about what you need.

Not Sure How to Buy Jewelry?

If you have done your homework but still are not sure what type of jewelry to buy, the best bet is to go simple. Everyone can benefit from adding basic and traditional jewelry to their jewelry wardrobe.

Examples of this would be diamond stud earrings, a nice gold chain or a classic watch. These types of jewelry pieces are simple and will be cherished for years to come. Our gift-giving guide also provides great suggestions for gifts for all types of occasions.

Know Your Jeweler

Not using a reputable jeweler is a big buying mistake. It is important to know your jeweler. If you buy jewelry from just anywhere, you could be getting something that is less than great quality. More established jewelry stores like Zales will stand behind the jewelry they sell. Zales also has a detailed return and exchange policy.

Inspect Jewelry

If you are buying from a respected jeweler, the quality of jewelry will be fine. But just so you are aware, the construction of a piece of jewelry is very important. Here's what you should know:

  • The more prongs a stone has to hold it to the piece of jewelry, the better.
  • Check to make sure there is plenty of room under the diamond or gemstone for cleaning.
  • Learn from a gemstone jewelry guide. It's important to understand if the gemstone you are buying is precious, semi-precious or lab-created.
  • Jewelry clasps should easily open and close. Any type of clasp or hook on a piece of jewelry should never be too thin or flimsy.

Where to Buy Jewelry?

Whether you are buying jewelry for someone special or picking out something for yourself, it's important to be familiar with common jewelry buying tips. Stop by a Zales store near you to shop jewelry in person. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a Zales gift card.

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