Look again: The New Charm Bracelet Puts a Contemporary Spin on Traditional Style

Go unique, go meaningful, with a charm bracelet style that's right for today.

Think beyond your grandma's charm bracelet.

While Queen Victoria helped spark the open-link-with-dangling pendant style charm bracelet, it peaked in the mid-20th century. Of course, they are still beloved by traditionalists and vintage-wearers, but today's charm bracelets are surging back in truly varied forms, from beads to modular links to leather.

Take a look at European or bead-style charm bracelets.

This modular look starts with a thin chain in metal, fabric or leather, to which charm beads are threaded so they hug the wrist, creating a sleeker look with less jangling. Charm beads are:
  • Made from glass, polymer clay, wood and precious metal.
  • Sculpted to a vast array of forms.
  • Easily interchangeable to customize every day.

Discover the Italian-style charm bracelet.

These are different from both traditional charm bracelets and European-style charm bracelets. Italian style charm bracelets feature charms that actually form its links. A new bracelet has a series of blank, flat square links that hook together. You can:
  • Replace blank links with unique charm links in myriad styles, from flowers to hearts to letters to fun shapes.
  • Swap out charm links easily to capture your mood or the occasion.

Go hip with the leather charm bracelet.

If metal isn't quite your style, think about these casual nods to the traditional charm bracelet:
  • Go for the European-style charm bracelet, but choose leather instead of metal. Your charms thread on in the same way, but the leather bracelet keeps the vibe casual.
  • Choose a wide leather cuff with a metal plate, engraved with your own message.
  • Grab a few leather bracelets and start stacking!

Charm bracelets have been a perennial classic and for good reason: they capture a memory and a mood like no other. So if you love the idea but want to express your own modern style, check this trend again. You might just find the perfect charm bracelet style for you.

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