Think Pink: Gemstones & Pearls

Love pink? We do too! Get to know the prettiest pinks in jewelry.

Beautiful, feminine, and fun

Similar to beloved rose gold, pink gemstones and pearls are a great way to add a little something extra to the look of your jewelry. Soft and beautiful, hues of pink can create an unexpected twist while still maintaining elegant style. If you're looking to add a little color to your jewelry, pink is a lovely shade to explore.

Gemstones that blush

  • Diamonds: Though not common, natural pink diamonds do occur. More often, diamonds are enhanced to achieve light to saturated pink hues
  • Sapphires: Commonly known for its classic blue, sapphires span a spectrum of colors, including pink. In fact, a red sapphire is actually a ruby – which can lead to alternate labeling. You may see a pink gem from this corundum family labeled as a pink ruby or a pink sapphire.
  • Morganite: Most often seen in pale pink varieties, this gem can also be found in deeper tones as well. This particular gem is appreciated for its character and elegance.
  • Tourmaline: This gem is a great option for those seeking a wide range of pinks to choose from. Colors range from very light pink to almost red. The deeper red stones may be called rubellite.
  • Rose quartz: Charming and earthy, rose quartz is generally a light or pastel pink. These stones can be very opaque or more translucent.

Pink Pearls

Many varieties of pearls feature pink under or overtones tones, including:
  • Akoya
  • Freshwater
  • South Sea

However, to get the prettiest pinks – from blush to rose – most pearls today are dyed. Pearls that are dyed must be disclosed by your jeweler.

Pink is a classic color that is seeing a recent up-trend. Choosing a pink pearl or pink gemstone design is a wise choice, as shades of pink complement any skin tone. Plus, it's pink!

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